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AG Frozen Style

Yesterday, Bella, a couple of my friends, and I went to the Frozen sing-along version of the movie, and it was so fun! (I can’t stopping singing Let It Go :)) Since we loved going to see the movie for the second time, Bella and I just couldn’t help but do an American Girl Frozen inspired style post…

1. This whole outfit is just adorable! The color is a very pretty turquoise with sparkly details that match the cape, but because you can take the cape off, the outfit offers lots of mix-and match opportunities. Your doll can go from playing Elsa to a fancy event with a quick change of accessories :)

2. Although these dresses aren’t up for sale, we thought they were just too cute not to include! At Clarisse’s Closet, Clarisse made these gorgeous Frozen inspired dresses for her sister Camille’s birthday. Not only are the details amazing, the photo shoot was also adorable.

3. There are lots of American Girl doll sized dresses inspired by Anna’s main outfit in the movie, but how cute is this version of her coronation dress? The fabric is so detailed in the skirt and there is a blue/green color palette, so it will look good on lots of dolls.

4. This wintery dress from the Etsy shop, HollyBerrysDolls, uses a variety of blue and white shimmery fabrics to give the dress an ice/crystal appearance. Even the white neckline and sleeves are decorated with little silver dots, so that your doll can look just like Elsa while singing Let it Go! (Hehe. That song is addicting! :))

5. I just love the bright materials and colors in this Anna-inspired dress. It follows most of the same details from the movie, and it even has matching pom-poms lining the cape and a lace belt connecting the top and skirt of the dress. The cape by itself would also be a great piece to use for your dolls in the winter if paired with the right outfit!

6. Finally, if your doll doesn’t want to wear a full-out Frozen costume, she can still wear a cute movie-themed accessory! This pack of two headbands from That’s Lolli comes with a child-sized one and a doll-sized one that both feature characters from Frozen. How cute!

Have you seen Frozen?



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