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Yep, it’s a brand new month, so you know what that means…it’s time for Comments from Bri! In this post, Bri will be telling you all about her Valentine’s Day plans, and will even let you in on her ten best party planning tips. For now though, I’ll let Bri take over, and-

Okay Lulu, my turn! So, it’s Bri, and I know you’ve been just dying of boredom as you waited for my next post, but do not worry because it is here, and it’s going to be awesome! This time around every thing is going to be Valentine’s Day themed; I’ll be showing you some photos of my Valentine’s Day fashions, how to make a V-Day themed headband, and my ten best party planning tips, which I’ll be using for my own Valentine’s Day party!

Alright, so first up is the fashion…


So, it all started one afternoon when when I was helping Piper plan what to wear to my V-day party. “Wait. That’s what you’re wearing to my party?” I demanded looking at Piper’s fuzzy white dress. “Um…yeah,” She answered with a shrug. “Where’s the accessories? The sparkle? The shimmer?” I exclaimed pointing at my different bracelets and earrings. Piper stood there, a bit confused. “Don’t worry, I’ll help you! I’ve watched tons of What Not To Wear episodes, so I’m an expert.”


I went rummaging through our walk-in-closet (read about that in my last post!) to find the perfect pieces that would turn Piper’s white dress into an amazing February outfit. (I actually considered giving her pink and red highlights like mine, but she didn’t seem as excited as me…)


And finally, after adding lots of bling and a cute belt, Piper was ready for my party! “Ta-da!” I announced. She squealed happily when I showed her the super cool heart headband Lulu made. Ooh, maybe I should get one for myself…

IMG_1491And since that headband was so cool, I decided to share with you guys how to make it. Lulu claims it’s supposed to be a bracelet, but I think it makes a much better headband for EAH or MH dolls, don’t you?

Heart Headband/Bracelet Tutorial:

  1. Cut two 64 inch long strings for each of two colors, (in my case red and pink.) 
  2. Fold the strings in half, and tie off at the top, so now the group of thread measures to 32 inches long.
  3. Clip the group of string to a clipboard, (or something else that will hold it down while you work.)
  4. To make these next steps easier, I’ll refer to the thread with my colors. Tie the pink string on the far left onto the other three strings on the left side.
  5. Do the same on the right side. Tie the two pink strings together in the middle. 
  6. Now there should be another pink string on the left side. Tie this onto the nearest red string.
  7. Using that same red string, tie it onto the other two strings on the left side.
  8. Repeat the last two steps on the right side, and then tie the two red strings together in the middle. 
  9. Make another line of pink knots, (steps 5 and 4) and then repeat the steps that come after it, but this time with red on the outside, and pink acting as the heart.
  10. Keep doing this until the bracelet is the desired length. 

*Make sure to tie double knots!

And now, I’ll share with you my top ten party tips (in no specific order), so make sure you read this VERY closely…

  1. Make sure you plan out what your guests will do. No one likes last minute planning – not only is it stressful, it also ruins the fun.
  2. Be a good host. Make sure everyone is included and respect everyone’s feelings. If someone gives you an awful gift, try to find something you like about it to say to them: “What a pretty color,” or “That’s such an interesting pattern!”
  3. Get the word out! If you’re planning a huge party, make sure people know about it, or you could end up partying by yourself.
  4. With that being said, if it’s a small get-together, make sure the people you’re inviting (or you!) don’t start blabbing about. Someone might get really upset if they find out you didn’t ask them to come, and being upset is bad :( 
  5. Have a back-up plan. I hate it when I’m expecting a huge delivery of decorations or food to come and they don’t show up, but luckily I always have a Plan B. Even if it’s not as extravagant as I hope, the party will still be tons of fun, and your friends aren’t expecting you to throw a royal ball. (Unless of course you are actually throwing a royal ball…)
  6. Be aware of how your guests are feeling. Sometimes, one person is just having a bad day or something really unexpected happen, and they’re not really in a partying mood. So, if they seem a bit down, you can always pull them aside and ask if they’re alright. It’ll make both of you feel better!
  7. If you’re picking a theme, choose a manageable one. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself by inviting people to a jungle-themed party with actual animals! A tropical or winter themed one will be much easier. 
  8. Have lots of supplies. If all you have is pizza and cake, and someone can’t have sweets or doesn’t like what you’re serving, you don’t want them to starve! I’m not saying you need to adjust to everyone’s needs, but having an extra PB and J around can’t hurt. 
  9. Choose games and activities that include everyone. Big group games or smaller ones where it’s easy to take turns are recommended!
  10. And finally, have extras. What if your best friend arrives at the event with her visiting cousin, and you don’t have enough party favors for everyone? Oh no…

And that’s it for my thought’s for this month! Bye for now,

Bri and Lulu :)


3 thoughts on “Comments From Bri / 02

    • That’s so cool! I love making those kinds of bracelets too, and I even got a book in October with all sorts of different patterns in it.
      Thanks for commenting,
      Lulu :)

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