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For those of you who have not been keeping up with American Girl this week, as we have been, AG released their new spring items today! I am surprisingly super-duper happy with this release, as is Lulu. I love the range of colors and the on-trend styles. Usually Lulu posts her thoughts first, but we thought we would switch things up a bit, and do her after me :) We always love hearing what you think too, so feel free to comment below!

Slide5[a] Floral Swim Outfit & Gear This winter has gone on for way too long, and this swimsuit instantly made me think of sunny, summer-y days. The pattern is so fun {I would actually like it as a girl-sized bathing suit myself!}, and the price for a 2-in-1 piece is not too shabby.

[b] Rainy Day Coat Despite the crazy expensive price for just one coat, I totally got sucked into the cuteness of this jacket. We actually own the previous blue and green raincoat from a few years ago, but I don’t think adding another one {and polka-dotted, no less!} to our collection would hurt.

[c] Egg Decorating Set I always love the little accessories sets! The attention to detail looks awesome; do we all see the adorable patterned eggs? I would love to get it for Easter.

[d] Kit’s Candy-Making Set Finally, the historicals got some needed attention. I say a big “yay!” to that :) My favorite special edition set was Kit’s Candy-Making Kit. I think the pink dress, while it doesn’t really fit Kit’s personality, will look gorgeous on Ruthie, and I am always up for miniature food sets.

[e] Doll Photo Shoot It’s no secret that we here at Doll Mag love taking and styling photos, so the newest activity book seems like the perfect book for us! I hope it contains some helpful tips and tricks.

Slide6[a] Julie’s Dance Set Don’t get me wrong, I love the dress and accessories. The price, on the other hand, definitely shrinks my love for the set. I don’t think I can justify buying a dress with minimal accessories for over sixty dollars, no matter how much I like my Julie.

[b] Beach Chair This beach chair is an exact replica of one American Girl released years ago, which made me a bit disappointed and sad. I wish AG would continue to stay original with their products, instead of re-releasing a set in new colors.

[c] Flower Hearts Tankini The concept sounds great, and I am digging the pattern, but the pose the Bitty Twin girl is in isn’t selling this outfit for me. The swimsuit also shows the difference in the Bitty Twin Body {the cloth and the actual body}, which is another con.

[d] Caroline’s Hairstyling Set I really like some of the other historical hair sets, but Caroline’s seems to be a bit overpriced. Do you agree?

Be sure to check back later this week for Lulu’s thoughts! If you want to browse the new items yourself, click HERE.

Have a terrific night!


Psst. Our Great Reader Survey will be closing tomorrow night, so be sure to enter if you have not already. Lots and lots of big hugs to everyone who has given a response so far; all of the nice comments made our month! :)



7 thoughts on “AG Release February 2014 / Bella’s Thoughts

  1. I agree on the colors, very pretty and, you know, not pink. It’s going to be hard to pick something to get, so many epic styles and colors! If you like the BT swimsuit, remember that they fit the 18 inchers, too. I wasn’t a big fan of Julie’s outfit, either.

  2. I love the Easter set, but not the price.
    Kit is getting another dress? Have they completely lost site of how families made due during the Great Depression?
    Love Julie’s new set, but not the price.
    The doll Photo Shoot kit might be interesting. Perhaps it has some backgrounds in it.

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