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American Girl came out with new items on Wednesday, and Bella shared her likes and dislikes on Thursday. Today, I wrote up an overview of almost everything that was released. I personally think that this was one of AG’s best releases in a while, and I can’t wait to see everything in person at the store!

Double Bow Dress

This is a pretty cute party dress, and I love the color! The cut is stylish and is perfect for summer, but I wish that there were a pattern instead of a solid print. I also like the accessories, and I think that all of the pieces are pretty versatile (if you added a jacket, leggings, and boots the dress could even work for the fall!).

Happy Birthday Outfit and Accessories

One of my best friends actually had a b-day party at AG last April, and, as party favors, we all got that shirt in purple along with a pink wrap skirt. When I first saw this, I was pretty happy that it was now available for purchase. I like the skirt’s pattern, and if it was for sale on its own like Isabelle’s mix and match set, I would get it. If I didn’t already have the shirt, I would love to get this as a birthday present for my doll!

Rainy Day Outfit

This is so CUTE! I love the raspberry color, and the shoes, and accessories… and oh, I really just love it all! It would be perfect for rainy day photo stories or just playing with, and not to mention the many adorable doll and pet pictures to be taken. AG did an amazing job with this one :)

Floral Swim Outfit and Gear

Bella has the two-in-one bathing suit set from a few years ago, and we use the pieces a lot, so I immediately fell in love with these outfits. The colors, prints, and fabrics are fashionable and a refreshing change, and I would totally wear them if they were for girls :) Also, if you’re not in the mood to really spend $60 on this set, you can get it without the accessories for about half the price. Yay!

Dining Table and Accessories

I really like the idea of this dining table; you can take the slip covers on and off of the chair, and then you can use them in a doll kitchen or living room. Endless play possibilities! Also, for the doll lovers that like to sew, you can get the table without the accessories and cover the chairs yourself. It’s fun either way – what could be better?

Twirly Tiered Dress

This has gotten some mixed thoughts, but I’m personally a fan of this ruffly dress. I like the light pink and silver colors together and the different textures create an interesting style. Plus those shoes are pretty awesome! I’m not so sure about the headband though (American Girl’s track record with those is not looking good.), and I have to see the silver top in person to make sure it’s not to shiny or cheap looking.

Flower Hearts Tankani

This is not one of American Girl’s best bathing suits. I was actually pretty disappointed because usually I love their swimwear, but the weird cut of the tankani just looks awkward and uncomfortable. It would have been better as a one piece with a cover up, and different shoes (those flowers look out of place), but AG does get points for using the popular flower hearts pattern. (Oh, and do you notice how the doll kind of looks like she has a hunch in the photo? It makes the outfit seem even less appealing to me.)

Sun and Sand Play Set

This is cute, but it’s not something I’ll buy. The pieces just seem kind of boring, and I really have no idea what that star would be used for. And do you see the floaty? American Girl claims it’s a giraffe, but I think it’s totally a seahorse. Maybe it’s a girahorse…

Beach Chair

I’m all for old favorites, but this is just unoriginal. My sister actually owns this exact beach chair from AG in pink and green (the exact same one!). And considering it’s for the Bitty Twins, shouldn’t there be two? Oh well, I guess they’ll have to take turns…

Julie’s Dance Set

Before I talk about the rest of the set, I just have to say that I love, love, love those boots! I’m not really a fan of the other stuff though, and you don’t get a lot for the $64 you’re paying. Although the AG website says the disco ball lights up and spins, so I would like to see that in person.


Jingle Dress of Today

I was very pleased to see that Kaya got a new dress for this release, since she, Josefina, (who still didn’t get anything :(  ) and Addy are usually overlooked. The bright shades compliment Kaya’s coloring nicely, and there are lots of details in the accessories and fabrics. (Look at how awesome those shoes are! If you haven’t noticed yet, I pay lots of attention to the shoes :))

Kit’s Candy Making Set

This really doesn’t fit Kit’s personality at all…hmm….

It is however, very fun and would be just right for Ruthie. The pink dress is actually quite cute, and I love the sleeves. My favorite part of the set though? The accessories! The chocolate molds, the bunnies, the basket – we’ll definitely be checking this out next time we’re in the store.

Rebecca’s School Play Set

I love the school play idea and the color of the dress, but that’s really it. I mean, really, Rebecca’s part is the Butterfly Queen? The dress makes her look more like a peacock. And why do the wings have all that extra fabric? They could have been better scaled, and maybe if they’re supposed to look like a butterfly, have a little more color?

Kit’s Hair Styling Set

Most of the historical dolls each got their own hair styling set, but to keep this post from going on forever, I chose my favorite one to feature. I think Kit’s barrettes are adorable – I love the cat! They are perfect for pinning a bit of doll hair out of the way. The only other barrettes I own from AG did break after lots of use, but they’re from a couple of years ago and seem to be styled a bit differently then these, so I’m hoping they end up as functional and cute :) Oh, and did you notice how they even wrote “20 cents for the set” in the corner? I thought it was a pretty good historical detail even if the set actually does cost $12.

A Growing Suspicion (A Rebecca Mystery)

Although they’re a pretty easy read, I do love to flop down in a chair and read one of the American Girl mysteries, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found out three new ones were being released. Besides the Rebecca one above, both Kit and Caroline got new books too. I’m very excited to read the mystery, even if it ends up being a bit cheesy, and the historical facts section in the back!

What is your favorite part of this release?



6 thoughts on “AG Release Feb 2014 / Lulu’s Thoughts

  1. The birthday outfit is cute. I’m glad they brought the tiara back. I have the one from the early 2000s and love it. Adding the new one would be fun to mix and match for parties.

    Kaya – I was absolutely thrilled to see a jingle dress on the list for Kaya. Then I saw it. I agree that the colors are wonderful, however, the research department kind of dropped the ball here. Dancers don’t carry their own drums. And the moccasins…very pretty, but the design has been changed so that they are like every other boot with velcro up the back. Then there is the price…$64. I like it, it’s still on my possible wish list, but I’m not as thrilled as i was when I first heard the news.

    • AG does do a really good job with their birthday outfits, don’t they?
      Anyways, too bad about the Kaya outfit research. Actually, right after you wrote about it, I saw some comments on Doll Diaries talking about the same thing. I hope her next outfit is more realistic and properly researched.


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