Fairy Tale Week / Princess Bun


Slide1To kick off the Fairy Tale Week festivities, we have the always lovely Ruthie modeling a rather royal hairstyle. After spending a chunk of an afternoon researching different medieval and fairy tale hair styles, we came up with this inspired ‘do. We think the appropriate name for it is the “Princess Bun.” :) While Ruthie looks adorable wearing it with her princess dress, Lulu and I are sure that it would look just as good paired with everyday wear. And, like with most of our feature hair styles, this bun is bound to look good on a variety of dolls with a few tweaks here and there. Make sure you have a good brush on hand; this hairstyle requires a lot of brushing back of hair and keeping different hair parts separate!

The Princess BunYou will need…

  • A brush
  • Two small elastics
  • One to two hair clips

The Princess Bun

  1. Brush out your doll’s hair. Take two small pieces of hair in the front on each side of your doll’s part, and twist them back. Secure the pieces together with an elastic.
  2. Repeat Step One again, this time, taking the pieces from the remaining hair in front of the ears.
  3. Secure all of the hair with an elastic. Twist into a bun, and use the clips to keep it in place.

We have loved hearing your favorite fairy tales so far! Today, our question is who is your favorite Disney princess? Lulu’s is a tie between Elsa {even if she is a queen} from Frozen and Rapunzel from Tangled. Mine are Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Tiana from The Frog Princess.


Fairy Tale Week

Psst. Be sure to check back for more fairy tale fun!


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