Fairy Tale Week / Book Printables


Slide3We unfortunately did not have enough time yesterday to share some fairy tale fun, but we hope to make up for it with today’s free printables! While we love all of the Disney princess movies {and, really, who doesn’t?!}, it’s sometimes more enjoyable to read the actual story that inspired the film. While we can’t provide a doll-sized version of the fairy tale text, it’s easy to make-believe with the book covers. It’s as simple as glueing each cover to a thick piece of cardboard before your doll will have her own collection of fairy tales! Ellie is modeling her own favorite above, Beauty and the Beast.

Download your own copy here: Fairy Tale Book Freebies

IMG_1713The other stories included are CinderellaRapunzel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and a generic collection of fairy tales.

IMG_1725What has your favorite part of fairy tale week been so far? Lulu and I can’t believe it is almost OVER!

Have a terrific rest of your Friday! :)


9 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Week / Book Printables

  1. My favorite has been EVERYTHING!! I just loved fairytale week. Would you consider extending fairytale week for this coming week, too? Also, I sent you an email with a picture of Maddie in her princess hat.

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