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Bri LogoOoh, my first post back from our break-

Your first post?! I did all the work! 

Fine. It’s Bri’s post, and I can’t wait to show you-

Huh, just let me do it: Anyways, hi everybody! It’s your favorite commenter, me! Bri! I had so much fun this past month, and I can’t wait to show you the photos Lulu took when I had my adventure as a genie and my expression photo shoot…

IMG_2195So, last week, Grace was walking through the hall when she saw this super cool lamp. “What’s this? A lamp?” Grace bent down to pick it up, wondering whether or not she should open it. “It’s not mine…” She wondered.

IMG_2202But Grace’s curiosity got the better of her. She delicately picked the shiny top off the lamp, and the whole room was flooded with sparkly purple smoke. 

IMG_2211And out popped me! Bri the genie! “Hi Grace! I’m Bri, your genie-” I started to greet her cheerfully, but Grace interrupted me. “Bri, I know who you are.” I shook my head, “Shhh, just let me finish! Anyways, I’m here to grant you three wishes. So what do you want?” Grace tilted her head thoughtfully, “I don’t know…I wish I had porridge, it always helps me think better!”

IMG_2214So then of course, a magical bowl of porridge appeared in my hand, just like she requested. “What? No, I didn’t mean that was my wish! Ugh! I wish I didn’t do that!” Grace complained.

IMG_2216“Okay,” I shrugged, snapped my fingers, and the bowl vanished. “Wait! What are you doing? I didn’t mean to do that! Oh, I wish you would go away!”

IMG_2220Grace closed her eyes and crossed her arms, and when she opened them again, I was gone!

So how did you like my genie adventure? Pretty cool right? :) For the second part of my commentary, I wanted to show you photos of all of my different expressions-because apparently, some people think I only have one! Crazy, isn’t it?

NormalExpression #1 / Normal

AngryExpression #2 / Angry

ShockedExpression #3 / Surprised 

ThoughtfulExpression #4 / Thoughtful

Sweet Expression #5 / Sweet


Expression #6 / Guilty {As if I would ever need this!}

That’s it for this month! See you in April!

Lulu and Bri :)


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