Cinema Monday / 01


I took an animation class over the summer, so I’ve been hoping that we could start a weekly animation feature here on Doll Mag. Before, I really didn’t have enough time or resources to do it, but I finally got iMovie to cooperate with me (you should have seen my first attempt :)). And, so, I’m very excited to announce the start of Cinema Monday! Every couple of weeks, depending on how much time I have, we’ll post a new animation starring some of our dolls.

For the first animation, I set it to “Let It Go” from the super amazing movie Frozen, and it stars my Ever After High doll, Piper. Due to space issues, we’ll provide a link to my own blog, theawesomeadventuresoflulu, where you can view it. Watch the movie here!

Piper AnimationEnjoy! (and happy St. Patrick’s Day!)

Lulu :)


7 thoughts on “Cinema Monday / 01

    • Thank you so much Jessica! :) We actually have already received and posted about the award last week, but we appreciate your kind nomination! Seriously, you made our day.

      Lots of love, B + L

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