Shop Owner Spotlight / 04


Christina of Daisy ChainsWe knew Christina from her amazing blog, Simply Dollightful, but we loved learning a little bit more about her in the latest Shop Owner Spotlight interview!  Her Etsy shop, Daisy Chains, sells the cutest dresses and shoes for dolls, all of which are perfect for the coming spring and summer weather. {The shop is currently on vacation, but it will reopen on March 28th – no worries! :)} Below, Christina shared with us how she got her shop started, her favorite clothing pieces to make, and more! Read on, especially if you didn’t catch part of it in the March/April issue.

What inspired you to start your shop?

About five years ago, I made sundresses for my own dolls, and my mom suggested that I sell them at the Farmers Market. Because I was a kid, I got to do it for free on Kids’ Day. I sold my dresses there until 2013, when I no longer counted as a kid. I had often been asked whether I owned an Etsy shop, and since the dresses always sold well at the market, I decided to finally open one!

What are your favorite pieces to make? {e.g. t-shirts, skirts?}

Probably sundresses. They’re the easiest, and they always turn out super cute!

How do you come up with the ideas for your outfits?

Most often, I think about the outfits that I would have wanted for my dolls when I was younger. I also go by what’s popular, but still classic and cute.

What are some of your favorite color combinations?

I love turquoise and brown and pink and grey :)

Finally, we would love to know a little bit about your dolls.

I have two, Kirsten and a retired Girl of Today named Rebecca. Rebecca is sporty but girly; she loves to play outside, but baking is her favorite hobby, and pink is her favorite color! Kirsten is quiet and sweet; she loves to read fairy tales and play piano, and her favorite color is turquoise!

A big thank-you to Christina! I love those same color combinations; pink and grey and turquoise and brown are always stunning combos.

As always, if you own an Etsy shop too, and you wouldn’t mind answering five questions, we would love to interview you! Our next open space is for the July/August issue. Email us HERE if you are interested – we can’t wait to hear from you!

Have a terrific night!


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