Working on Wednesdays / 19


Working on Wednesdays 19In preparation for an upcoming post, we wanted our background for the photos to be a floral pattern. I was stumped for a bit on what we could do, until Lulu suggested that we turn to my own wardrobe for potential background material. I own LOTS of patterned scarves, many of them containing flowers, so we figured they would work perfectly! We managed to narrow it down to the two shown above; in case you want one for yourself, the one on the left is from American Eagle and the one on the right is from J.Crew Factory :)

Hannah and AEO Scarf

Hannah and Factory ScarfBoth looked fantastic set against Hannah, our model, but you’ll have to check back soon to see which one we chose! Which one is your favorite? And do you, like me, also own lots of scarves?

Happy Wednesday!


7 thoughts on “Working on Wednesdays / 19

  1. I love using scarves for photoshoots! My grandmother gave me a scarf with sparkly stars all over it. I use that one a lot for backgrounds!

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