Monthly Recap / March 2014


March 2014 Recap{clipart via here!}

Can I just say a big “yay!” that it is finally April?! Don’t get me wrong, March was wonderful {as we’ll see in a minute}, but I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring, and I think it is almost here. Before we move on, however, we wanted to take a quick peek back on all of the things we did this month, superlative-style. If you missed anything, this is the perfect time to catch up!

Liebster Blog Award

Most Likely to Make Us Blush: Lulu and I loved responding to the questions some of our lovely readers asked us as part of the Liebster Award! This floated around the doll blogger community early in March; if you still want to answer a set of questions, feel free to take ours! :)

Genie 6Most Likely to Make Us Laugh: In the entertaining category last month, the third installment of Comments from Bri definitely made the list! From her silly story about Grace’s genie experience to her many facial expressions, I know that I can’t wait to see what Bri thinks up next.

Working on Wednesdays 19Best Tip: In last week’s Working on Wednesday, we shared an idea for photo shoots – using scarves for backgrounds! The floral ones, shown above, were taken from my own wardrobe, and they were perfect for the photos of Hannah modeling her spring-y outfits.

How to Style FloralsMost Stylish: Speaking of which, we happen to think that Hannah was looking pretty good in How to Style Florals! She modeled a variety of adorable outfits, while we shared some {hopefully!} helpful tips. What do you think of our new feature?

Piper AnimationFuture Filmmaker: Lulu may not be heading to big screen quite yet, but for one of her first attempts at stop motion, with the always gorgeous Piper, no less, this video came out wonderfully! It also helps that the twenty-second clip is set to “Let It Go” :)

Shades of Green Reader’s Favorite: Finally, the most popular post for March was our round-up of green clothing! Although St. Patrick’s Day already past, all of the items featured are also good choices for spring.

Of course, we can’t forget about our March/April issue release, which you can read HERE, and our monthly survey, which will be open for entries until early next week {enter HERE}! April is already off to a good start, and we’re getting closer to our next issue. How was your last month?



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