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Bella’s away on a school trip this weekend, so I decided it would be fun for Bri and I to write up April’s commentary! Uh-huh! It’s an awesome one! I went on this super cool mission outside and made up my own holiday-Wait I wasn’t done! Ugh…I’ll just let Bri do it:

Comments From BriSo one morning I decided that I wanted to go outside…(wait for it!)…on my own! I crept out the open door in Lulu’s room with my cool matching sunglasses and started climbing down the stairs. But for some reason, each step is almost as tall as me! I had to stop every couple of minutes just so I wouldn’t trip on my super high heels; *sigh*

Comments from BriLuckily I discovered a much easier way to get down the stairs: sliding down the railing! It’s not as easy as the movies make it seem though; I kept getting stuck! But don’t worry, I did it! Those stairs are no match for the amazing Bri:) 

Comments From BriBut then when I finally managed to get down to the doorway, I discovered that the door knob was way too high for me to reach. What to do? So, I climbed the side of a chair, leaped onto it and turned it as hard as I could…

Comments From BriAnd then I made it! The fresh air, the icky-dead grass, the um…actually I don’t know why I wanted to go outside so badly… “It’s a little bit cold, maybe I should go back to bed,” I said as I skipped back inside. 

After my downstairs adventure, I was really tired, so I went back to take a nap. I ended up falling asleep on Piper’s fainting couch, and then I started having this really awesome dream about a holiday devoted to me called “Bri-Day” and I couldn’t wake up…

Comments from rbi“Hello? Bri?” Piper asked as she wondered around looking for me. “Bri! Not again!” She looked over me as I snoozed. “How to wake you up? Oh! Maybe Cupid will know,” She ran off to go find Cupid.

Comments from Bri“I could try to use my arrows if you want,” Cupid offered when they came back. Piper shook her head, “She’ll wake up eventually.”

I, meanwhile, was thinking about the Bri Party, which I would plan for Bri Day and where there would be this video montage of all my commentaries!

Comments from Bri“Is she asleep again?” Grace asked them, waking in. Cupid and Piper nodded, as Grace sighed. “Lets just go,” Cupid decided, after a another moment of me sleeping, (The three claim I was snoring, but I don’t believe them.)  

Comments from Bri“What? Huh? Where did everyone go?” I mumbled groggily, as I woke up. “I was going to tell them about Bri day!”  

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lulu and Bri:) 



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