Meet Lauryce!


Bella and I have been wanting a Hearts For Hearts doll for a while now, so when Emily from the Toy Box Philosopher (one of my favorite doll blogs!) sent me the Lauryce doll as a little thank you for writing up a guest review, I was so happy! Lauryce is extremely adorable, with her incredibly detailed hazel eyes and fun crimped hair :) I love her sweet face, and her outfit reminds us of our favorite clothes brand, Boden.

The Hearts For Hearts dolls are about girls from different countries around the world, who find ways to help stop problems in their areas. Even a little bit of the money from each Hearts For Hearts doll is donated to charity! Lauryce’s story states that she is from New Orleans. Even though Hurricane Katrina occurred when Lauryce was very little, she wants to find a way to help the victims. She and her best friend start Lil’ Hearts – a club that raises money for animals who lost their homes in the storm. I imagine Lauryce loves to play outside, and I’m sure she’ll have lots of fun with our AG pets!

After playing with Lauryce for a while, she and I got ready for a photo shoot with a fun purple background…

IMG_2884 IMG_2889 IMG_2892

Then Lauryce and I headed outside to take a few photos in the sunshine!

IMG_2950 IMG_2956

Do you have any Hearts For Hearts dolls?

Lulu and Lauryce :)


8 thoughts on “Meet Lauryce!

  1. I’ve always wanted a Hearts for hearts doll, but never got one :( How tall are they? I don’t remember.

    • Oh, I love Rahel’s color scheme! I love the new dolls coming out too; we mentioned them in the Hearts for Hearts doll guide in the latest issue!

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