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Make a Flower BoxThe saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers,” but we decided to bring the flowers a bit earlier :) Our winter has been so long, that Lulu and I will welcome any spring craft with open arms. Today’s craft, a very easy to make flower box, will {hopefully!} help your doll transition to the new season as well! While we imagined that this would look cute in a doll’s room, it could very well be adapted to suit other ideas too. Even just making a bunch of felt flowers for a doll-sized vase could look adorable! Another idea? Make a banner of these doll-sized flowers for a spring photo shoot. No matter what you do, we would love to hear of your results!

Flower Box MaterialsYOU WILL NEED…

  • Felt in colors of your choice for flowers{we didn’t end up using the orange felt, but that’s the nature of crafting}
  • Brown felt for “dirt”
  • Stiffened felt for covering the box
  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Doll-sized wooden crate/box
  • Glue gun
  • Pom-poms {Regular or mini – it’s up to you!}
  • Scissors
  • Cotton stuffing

How to Make a Flower BoxTO MAKE

  1. To make a felt flower, begin by cutting out five teardrop shapes from a color of your choice. We eyeballed the size, but always cut the shapes a bit larger when you first start. You can trim the felt, but you can’t add any back!
  2. Glue the shapes together with the glue gun. Glue on a pom-pom in the middle of the flower.
  3. Cut out a three to four-inch piece of green pipe cleaner. Create a small ledge at the top {so it looks like an extremely lopsided “L”}, and glue to the back of the flower.
  4. Repeat steps one through three to make two more flowers. You can make more if you want, but we went with three in total.
  5. Fill your crate with the cotton stuffing.
  6. On top, glue a rectangle of brown felt to act as the dirt.
  7. Twist the pipe cleaner “stems” of the flowers before gluing them down to the brown felt.
  8. Finally, cut and glue rectangles from the stiffened felt the size of the sides of the crate.

IMG_3138Louisa loves gardening, so she was the perfect choice to model this fun craft! Doesn’t she look adorable in AG’s old gardening outfit?

IMG_3129Happy Saturday!



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