Peplum Flair / Style


Peplum CollageIt’s time for another style post! I decided to do this one about peplum styled pieces. Not only are they very trendy right now, there have been lots of peplum items popping up in doll Etsy shops too. I was able to discover five styles I love, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

1. Although this adorable blue peplum skirt is already sold, we couldn’t help but feature it! It’s easy to forget that there are more types of peplum styles besides tops, but this skirt brings that fact to our attention. The color is flattering, and it has a pleasing pattern, but it doesn’t take away from the rest of the outfit.

When looking for peplum pieces, try to find… a unique style in a pattern that’s not too distracting.

This pretty skirt is from the Etsy Shop, Royal Doll Boutique

2. The sweet floral pattern on this peplum top is just the thing for spring (Did you notice that rhyme?!). The bright pink looks great on lots of dolls, and the pops of turquoise add interest. Extra color also adds lots of accessorizing options – yay!

When looking for peplum pieces, try to find… a main color with little pops of contrast.

This stylish top is from the Etsy Shop, Janie Jumps

3. We just discovered this Etsy shop this morning, and I love the uses of floral and delicate shades. This pretty peplum is so cute, and the detail and colors make it the perfect piece to match with a navy skirt or white capris.

When looking for peplum pieces, try to find… detailed patterns with blended colors.

This sweet shirt is from the Etsy Shop, La Poupee Bijoux

4. To add some cheeriness to your doll’s outfit, use color and texture! The yellow and pink dots on this shirt – along with the pleated texture  – add lots of visual interest. When paired with neutral pieces, it will really shine!

When looking for peplum pieces, try to find… a playful print and cheery colors :)

This cute blouse is from the Etsy Shop, Closet4Chloe

5. Finally, instead of using bright colors and patterns on the top, try a basic shade. This lets the design and cut of the piece stand out (in this case the bubbly ruffle), and you can add more detail in other pieces.

When looking for peplum pieces, try to find… fun cuts and ruffles.

This fashionable ensemble is from the shop, Liberty Jane

Does your doll like to wear peplum pieces?

Lulu :)


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