The Great Easter Egg Hunt / A Photo Story


With Easter coming tomorrow, and having our annual egg hunt yesterday, we’re in a very springy mood! Our dolls wanted to join in on the fun, of course, so they all gathered at Gabby’s house for a little egg hunting…

IMG_3624After making sure every egg was hidden and grabbing her bright pink basket, Gabby was ready for her guests to arrive!

IMG_3638“Hi Gabby!” Her friends called out when they arrived. Nicki, Hannah, and Cece couldn’t wait to start all the fun, and were already searching the yard for visible eggs.

IMG_3636“Perfect, everyone’s here!” Gabby announced. “The hunt will begin in one….two…three!” And with that everyone rushed across the yard to gather the pastel-colored eggs.

IMG_3644“Ooh! I found one!” Gabby cried, grabbing the first one she saw. It was a pale pink with speckled brown dots, and Gabby couldn’t wait to discover what treat was hiding inside. “It even matches my basket!” She said cheerfully, running to catch up with her friends.

IMG_3645Meanwhile, Cece was having a bit of trouble getting a turquoise blue egg down from its perch on the tall fence. “Almost got it!” With one final jump, the egg came plummeting down  to the ground and Cece picked it up triumphantly.

IMG_3654Soon the eggs were disappearing fast, and Nicki went right towards the one she saw sitting under the tall tree. “My basket’s almost full!” Nicki said after adding it to her growing collection.

IMG_3662Suddenly, everyone noticed there was only one egg left, and Gabby and Hannah were both determined to grab it! In a sprinting footrace, Gabby was closing in on the periwinkle egg, but in a flash, Hannah dove towards it and added it to her basket.

IMG_3671Once the hunting was done, the four friends sat in a circle and opened their eggs to find their treats. “I even got an adorable bunny stuffed animal!” Gabby exclaimed, while nibbling on a chocolate bunny.

IMG_3676Hannah and Cece were busy talking about their finds, and trading their sweets. “I’ll trade you a lollipop for a cookie…”

IMG_3678And as Nicki finished looking through her eggs, she announced to her friends, “Happy Easter!”

Have your dolls gone egg hunting yet?

Lulu and Bella :)


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