Rainy Day Week / Comparing Raincoats


Since the very beginning of the company, American Girl has released quite a few raincoats for their doll lines. From the Rainy Day Set for Bitty Babies to Molly’s Slicker and Rain Hat, it’s clear {to us, anyway} that they have the Rainy Day Week spirit too! :) While we don’t own them ALL, we do own the two most recent raincoats for the MyAG dolls: The Raincoat and Boots Set, released in 2010, and the Rainy Day Coat {and set}, released this year. And so, we thought it would be fun and helpful to compare the two!

2010 and 2014 Raincoat SetsBoth sets are fairly similar, in the grand scheme of things. The 2010 outfit included a belted coat, rain boots, and a hat {not pictured}, and it cost $30. While the 2014 raincoat costs $24, the boots must be purchased separately with the umbrella, bringing the entire cost to $58. A bit expensive, if you ask us, but adorable all the same!

Slide2The two coats are both high-quality, especially when compared to other AG outfits. There is no velcro in sight on either one {yay!}; instead, you have to button them up. A belt is on each one, which cinches in at the waist. The 2014 coat also has pockets, which adds in some visual interest, along with the preppy and cheerful polka-dot pattern. Meanwhile, the 2010 one is a bit more understated, but we like how it was a different color choice for American Girl.

The Winner: 2010 raincoat!

Slide3The boots, again, share similar aspects, but they also have their own unique look. The 2010 boots are simpler, in a lime green color with contrasting bright blue trim. The boots close with a buckle, but I have found it difficult in the past to close the buckles on both feet. I think this is where the newer boots succeed. They are much easier to get on the doll, and they have a nice touch of detail with the bows.

The Winner: 2014 rain boots

Payton with CoatIt’s hard to choose our absolute favorite! Both sets have positive elements {like the color choice of the 2010 coat and the stylish pattern of the newer one} and negative aspects {the boots are a pain to get on with the 2010 set, while the 2014 coat is a bit pricey for what you get}.

Ellie in CoatWe’ll open it up to you now – which coat do you prefer?

Rainy Day WeekHave a wonderful night, and be sure to check back soon for more Rainy Day Week fun! :)

Bella and Lulu


12 thoughts on “Rainy Day Week / Comparing Raincoats

  1. The 2014 coat does not come with the umbrella. You have to buy it separately. The coat is $24. The add on set of umbrella and boots is an additional $34.

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