Meet Siena!


I already have a fast growing collection of Ever After High dolls (read about my obsession here, herehere, and here!), but my favorite character in the whole line would have to be Cedar Wood, and I was waiting and waiting for her doll to be released. A couple of months ago, photos of the Cedar Wood doll from the Toy Fair were posted, and I thought she was absolutely adorable! Last weekend I received her as an Easter Gift from my oh-so wonderful parents, and I’ve been so eager to post her introduction.

I changed my Cedar Wood doll’s name to Siena Florence Wood (because her character is the daughter of Pinocchio, an Italian fairytale, and Siena and Florence are both places in Italy). She comes in a purple, coral, and gold dress with a peter pan collar and matching sparkly knee socks (which are my favorite part of the whole outfit :)). Siena has puffy dark brown hair with a purple streaked braid and a neon green hair clip that is designed like the cricket from her fairytale! She also has a little blue ring that looks like the Blue Fairy and whale and donkey charms on the bracelet. The best part about the whole doll is definitely her fabulous wood grain detailing! It goes throughout her whole body, and it is softer around the face so you can still see her features.

Over the weekend Siena and I headed outside for a quick spring-y photo shoot…

Siena on FenceHere she is sitting at my favorite place to take photos of the EAH cuties!

Siena Close-upA close-up of her lovely face :)

BlossomsThe pinkish blossoms go perfectly with Siena’s dress!

Yellow FlowersDon’t the outdoor tones look so good with her color scheme?

Have a wonderful week!

Lulu and Siena :)


11 thoughts on “Meet Siena!

  1. So cute! The only thing I don’t like about her is her lips – remind her to put on more lipstick! But other than that I LOVE her! :D

    ~Lydia~ <3

    • She’s so adorable, isn’t she?
      I was a little confused about why she got the heart lips. I love how they look on my Cupid doll (they also go with her theme), but I’m not a big fan of them this time around. Maybe the colors are just too contrasting? Anyways, I thought it was a little weird the Cedar Wood dolls got heart lips, but from what I can tell from photos, the Lizzie Hearts, the Queen of Heart’s daughter, prototype doesn’t.

      Siena is cute no matter what, though! :)

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