Staff Picks / April 2014


Staff Picks AprilWe somehow managed to squeak in this month’s edition of Staff Picks just in time! We’ve been very busy finalizing the few final pieces of the May/June issue {check back tomorrow to read it!}, while school is ramping up with lots of end-of-the-year projects and activities. Thankfully, the quality of doll-related posts has not declined and reading our favorites hasn’t failed to make us smile! :) Here are a few posts that caught our attention this month, and, as always, if you have any blogs or posts to share, please do.

1 / Even though Easter has come and gone, these gorgeous hairstyles from American Girl Fan are too pretty not to wear all season long. Lulu loves them both and plans to try them on some of our own dolls this weekend!

2 / Grace over at Doll-icious is quite the photographer, evident by her latest photo shoot with Nicki! She even shared some helpful hints if you want to stage a photo shoot yourself.

3 / As if there is any doubt Lulu is an Ever After High fan, one of her choices this month was this collection of Ever After High themed colleges at the Ever After High Fansite. The collage of Maddie Hatter is just too cute!

4 / We’re not planning to add any eighteen inch dolls to our collection anytime soon, but just seeing how photogenic Cecile is could make me reconsider :) In all truth, though, I think she looks so pretty in this post at 18 Stitches.

5 / Lulu and I love seeing doll school scenes, like this recent one over at AG Doll Play! The science set from American Girl has so much possibility, and we enjoyed Jen and Zoey’s photo story about a science class.

6 / Finally, American Girl doll Molly had a birthday this month! This adorable photo is from the celebration at Miss Molly and Friends.

Have a lovely night!


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