Magazine / Early Summer 2014


Doll Mag May June 2014Happy May, friends! As it is the first day of the month, that could only mean one thing – issue release day. We think this is a pretty lovely edition, and we hope you enjoy reading it! This one was down to the very last-minute; Lulu and I were even editing some of the final photos this afternoon. If you take a peek inside, you’ll see that it’s full of late spring and early summertime goodies, such as…

  • an interview with our favorite AG actress, Rebecca Rubin!
  • a special article featuring some of our favorite doll bloggers and plenty of blogging tips.
  • under-the-sea inspired crafts, like a tote bag and sandals {weekend project, perhaps?}
  • bohemian style pieces from Etsy.
  • and much, much more!

You can read the current issue HERE.

You can enter our bimonthly survey to be in the next issue HERE.

Finally, it’s been a busy week for us, so we apologize if there have been any mistakes in the issues or pages! We triple-checked and then some, but please let us know if anything is “off.” :)

Thank you!

Bella and Lulu

Psst. Julie’s birthday always falls on our issue release date, but we had to give our beloved model a little shout-out! Do you own Julie?


5 thoughts on “Magazine / Early Summer 2014

  1. I tried to make a AG Magazine! I guess I gave up! lol You can see some of the pages I created at my second blog Feel MORE then free to take some of my pages into your magazine if you want! I probably won’t finish it! Lol :)


    P.S If you wanna email me any questions about this, go ahead at This is my blog’s email so it’s fine if I post it out there! ;)

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