Mix and Match Fashions / EAH Style!


I love coming up with different outfits for my Ever After High dolls, but since there aren’t any fashion packs yet, my clothing options are a bit limited. This afternoon I decided to try mixing and matching different pieces, and I’m pretty pleased with the results!

IMG_4230Piper wearing Cedar Wood’s dress / Cupid’s shoes / Apple White’s Fainting Couch glasses / Briar Beauty’s sunglasses / Her own earrings, bracelet, and necklace.

My favorite color is purple, so I knew I was already going to like this outfit, but I just want to say that Piper makes me love it even more! Her blonde curls and coloring go great with the purple dress, and the accessories keep it from being too much of a Pinocchio theme. Those oversized glasses are oh-so cute too!

IMG_4236Cupid wearing a Lulu Original dress / Cedar Wood’s socks and hair clip (not shown) / Briar Beauty’s shoes / Apple White’s Fainting Couch necklace / Her own wings, earrings, and headband.

Yesterday evening I made a little shirt and skirt set out of some extra fabric I have (but that’s for a totally different project) for my EAH girls, and I knew Cupid with her pink hair would be the perfect model. Since the floral fabric has so many different colors, there’s plenty of fun accessories that can be added. I love the necklace with the square-like neckline because it adds more visual interest!

IMG_4285Siena wearing Cupid’s dress and belt / Briar Beauty’s earrings and tights / Her own shoes / Raspberry hair clip (not shown)

Siena looks adorable in almost everything, but I wanted to try some pink on her for this post. Cupid’s dress looks beautiful with her brown hair, and although the shoes’ color is a bit off, I think the overall effect is pretty cute.

IMG_4304Grace wearing Apple White’s dress and shoes / Briar Beauty’s necklace / Cupid’s tights and headband (without heart clip) / Her own earrings and bracelet

I went a little simpler with this outfit, and just decided to build the whole thing around one piece: the dress! I think the rose patterned necklace brings out the floral and pink in the skirt really well and ties off the look. It’s still fairytale like, but because I took away the crown, it’s not necessarily a royal outfit.

IMG_4294Bri wearing Blondie Locke’s dress, shoes, tights, and headband / Apple White’s shrug / Cedar Wood’s earrings and ring / Her own bag

And finally we have Bri, doing her Goldilocks pose :) I didn’t really mix-and-match with this one, and instead accessorized, but I love how coordinated it looked in the end. Small changes or additions like the earrings and shrug can make a big difference!

I think they all look adorable! Which outfit is your favorite?

Lulu :)


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