Beforever Book Covers / Our Thoughts


Both of us are sure that you have heard about the upcoming change of AG’s historical line to the Beforever line. Just recently, new covers for the historical dolls’ books were released on the AG publishing site! We couldn’t wait to share our thoughts about them with you. For more information on the Beforever line, you can read about it here and here. Before we start, however, we just wanted to tell you that the two of us are not entirely sure about the specifics of the Beforever line {there’s not enough information yet!}; our thoughts below are based solely on the book covers and what we know from the other AG novels.

Slide1Samantha’s Beforever Book Covers

L’s thoughts / I like the new Samantha covers. I think they look like her, but I’m not so sure how accurate to the books they are. I know Samantha likes to run around and climb trees when she’s not supposed to, but the shoes in the first cover don’t look very sturdy for hanging off of branches, and the headband she wears looks too modern to me. I also don’t believe that Nellie actually looks like Nellie in the second cover, but they are wonderful illustrations anyways.

 B’s thoughts / I too like the new Samantha covers, but like Lulu, I also question the accuracy of the artwork in regards to both history and Samantha’s story. I think part of my hesitant attitude towards the cover is how different Sam looks from her past covers; it’s definitely her face. I think I just need some more time for it to grow on me :)

Slide2Kit’s Beforever Covers

L’s thoughts / I think these are some of my favorite covers, but when I first see them, I don’t immediately think of Kit. I love her turquoise dress and hat in the first and third covers, and I’m hoping they make it into a dress you can buy. However, I don’t think Kit would wear them. The outfit in the middle is especially not Kit-like, because she would never wear pink. This doesn’t seem like the same girl who dressed in overalls to sneak onto a railroad, does it?

B’s thoughts / Despite how “un-Kit” these outfits look, I do think they look rather cute {and if AG makes them, I’ll be buying them for my own dolls!}. However adorable they may be though, I am disappointed in how little they convey Kit’s personality. She also looks rather young when compared to the girls on the other covers – some more consistency would be nice.

Slide3Julie’s Beforever Covers

L’s thoughts / I love Julie’s covers, even if they are a bit stereotypical of the seventies. The picture actually looks like Julie to me, and I hope they actually make the fun peace sign t-shirt and yellow vest :) From what I remember from the other Julie books, these represent the stories pretty well!

B’s thoughts / As a Julie fan, I, more often than not, adore her things, as is the case with her covers. Like Lulu mentioned above, they seem a bit stereotypical of the seventies, but I can’t wait to see some of these outfits come to life.

Slide4Rebecca’s Beforever Covers

L’s thoughts / Rebecca has the most inconsistent artwork in the whole AG line {just look from here to here to here to here!}, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. This Rebecca looks different from all the other ones, but I think she’ll grow on me {partly because of that awesome purple coat :)}. I don’t think I’m used to her yet…

B’s thoughts / I’ve always admired Rebecca from afar, and if I was ever thinking about getting another American Girl doll, she would be on my list for sure. Anyhoo, I love how the purple and deep pink theme is weaved throughout all three colors, and I am sure any new additions to her collection will be adorable from the looks of these illustrations!

Slide5Addy’s Beforever Covers

L’s thoughts / Addy’s new covers are another one of my favorites even though I’m not so sure they’re accurate. Don’t those dresses and hairstyles look a little too fancy for her story? They are gorgeous though. I’ve now just realized I haven’t read her books yet, so maybe I’ll get a copy of one of these!

B’s thoughts / I have to agree that these dresses look a little fancy for Addy, but I also haven’t read her books in quite a while, so I may need to refresh on that… I love the rich colors and vivid images used for the covers though!

Slide6Caroline’s Beforever Covers

L’s thoughts / Caroline’s covers are just so amazing! {I love the girl’s hair, even if it is just a drawing :)} I think these ones look the most like the doll, and the colors are look great together. They could have chosen more important or exciting scenes from the stories to put on the cover, but the last one with the ocean looks oh-so pretty!

B’s thoughts / I love Caroline’s covers! Being the newest doll to the historical line, I wasn’t expecting too many changes in her cover illustrations, but the little updates they did do added a lot to her appeal, in my own opinion.

Slide7Kaya’s Beforever Covers

L’s thoughts / I’m happy to say that Kaya’s covers look gorgeous and make me want to read them! She hasn’t really been getting the attention she deserves lately, so I was relieved to see that her covers had been updated. The colors and scenes on the first two books look both realistic and exciting, but the last cover looks a bit weird to me. Oh well, they still look awesome! :)

B’s thoughts / I too am so happy to see Kaya get a bit of attention! I know some people are worried that Kaya’s smile may offend, but she is showing teeth in one of her current book covers as well, so I think AG will be okay. Otherwise, I hope this brings a bit more excitement over Kaya’s collection!

Slide8Josefina’s Beforever Covers {third cover not yet released}

L’s thoughts / Josefina, in my opinion, is the most awesome and coolest historical character there is, and being my only historical doll, I’m a little protective of her stuff. Luckily, I absolutely love her first two covers and think they capture her personality perfectly! I also like the small updates they made to her meet outfit, like making the colors brighter and changing the sash’s shade.

B’s thoughts / My favorite thing about Josefina’s covers is the gorgeous setting that complements the image of her. I love visualizing the home of each historical character, and these covers win in that aspect for me.

Whew – lots to be said! :) What are your thoughts on the new Beforever books?

Lulu and Bella


14 thoughts on “Beforever Book Covers / Our Thoughts

  1. Very interesting. :) I like hearing other girl’s opinions. As for me, I am not a fan. I like the standard six books. Also the illustrations are way too realistic for me. I have nothing against this in general, but when it comes to HC books, in my opinion, that is not how thy should be. And I think Kit looks way too young and nothing like her personality. Oh, and fyi, I have seen the Julie outfit on eBay, so they will sell it, I think. As for the Caroline books, I liked the previous ones SO much better. I LOVED the illustrations before(well, I guess they still sell the six books) and I am sad that they changed it.
    Also, the books where you can pick your own ending doesn’t seem quite right to me, but whatever.
    I hope you enjoyed hearing my opinion. I am sorry I am so negative. I just don’t like change very much.
    ~Christian Homeschooler. :)

    • Oh, never worry about sharing your opinion! We love hearing other people’s thoughts :)

      I see where you are coming from on terms of realism. For long time AG fans, I think it is going to take a WHILE to get used to the change. Lulu and I were actually debating if they were photos or illustrations the first time were saw them! Haha :)

      The pick your own ending seems a little too marketed for AG, but then again, I have no idea how they will actually work.

      Great points to bring up!

  2. I am thrilled to see you both are concerned about authenticity and accuracy with regards to the time periods and the original characters. Some of the covers are better than others. The full smile on Kaya’s one cover makes me mad. Yes, she is bearing her teeth on one over now, however, it is not a blatant as this full, open grin.

    I probably will read the new books, but am also going to be frequenting the sed book stores to pick up the originals if I can. I’d like to read Addy’s story before it gets changed too much.

    • We thought there were a few weird outfits and scenes {some of them don’t look like they belong in the time period or setting}, and we weren’t sure about Kaya’s smile either. I hope it doesn’t end up offending anyone :(

      As for the stories being changed, I think they’re just putting three of the books in a volume and then the other three in another, but maybe they’ll be a few changes.

      Lulu :)

  3. It’s going to take me A LONG time to get used to calling them ‘beforever’ and besides the book covers, I saw a photo of Kit’s new meet outfit and it doesn’t look very 1920s! And something I noticed is that there isn’t a book cover for Marie-Grace and Cecile! oh no! :( Hopefully they didn’t change Samantha too much, I LOVE her original books!

    • I think for us they’ll always just be “historical dolls” :)
      We were a bit disappointed about Marie-Grace and Cecile getting retired too :( They had some cute outfits and books…

      Lulu :)

  4. Hi guys! I really do prefer the older covers, and I agree with you about Kit’s covers. She would never, ever wear that dress! Also, there are no Cecile and Marie Grace books up! I know they’ll be retired, but I was still hoping :)
    <3 Emmy

    • Hi!

      I think what Lulu and the other commenters were getting at was that since Marie-Grace and Cecile did not receive any new “Beforever” book covers, it’s likely they are getting retired. It’s all speculation, though, so no worries quite yet! :) AG, as a company, has not confirmed it.

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