Comments From Bri / 05


Bri LogoIt’s time for another Comments From Bri! Bri and I had lots of fun with this one, and we can’t wait to show you what her latest adventures have been like –

Well, duh! They’ve been awesome! I planned yet another great party and went shopping and hung out with Cupid –

I wasn’t done yet, Bri!

I know, but I think it’s better when I do it.

Let’s just get to the photos, shall we?

Of course!

IMG_4352“Okay Cupid! I’ll meet you at the fairytale boutique in an hour, after lunch. Alright, bye!” I hung up the phone cheerfully, and started to get ready to meet Cupid for an afternoon of shopping. “Now where did I put that wallet?” I wondered to myself, glancing around the room. 

IMG_4357“Oompf!” I cried as I tripped onto a near by pile of books. “Hey, what are these? That looks like Piper… and there’s Ashlynn and Cerise… and ME?! Oh my gosh, there’s a whole book all about me and my friends! I must read this right now!”

IMG_4359“I love these!” I exclaimed after finishing the first book. “This Shannon Hale author really gets me! I can’t wait to see what will happen to me next…” I rapidly flipped through pages of the next one, trying to get a peek at the ending. 

IMG_4370“Wait? That’s it?!” I said wistfully after I finished every book in the pile. “I need to find out what happens to me next! This isn’t fair? When does the next book come out?” I ran out of the room to go find out just as the door swung open. 

IMG_4375“Bri? Hello? You were supposed to meet me hours ago!” Cupid called out to the empty space, stumbling upon the pile of stacked books in the midst of her search. “Hey, what are these?” She bent down to look at the cover, and of course, you know what happens next.

Now for my next adventure! Piper’s birthday was on Tuesday, and I, being her very best friend, planned her an extra special surprise party complete with the perfect (or as Grace would call them: “Just Right”) details:

IMG_4384“I’ve got all the decorations, but there’s no way we can get it all done before Piper gets back!” Grace exclaimed, dumping the pile of streamers and balloons onto the rug. Sienna and Cupid looked helplessly around the party room, waiting to be covered in the cheerful decorations. 

IMG_4396“Not to worry girls!” I announced, skipping in with my list of party plans trailing behind me. “Bri the party planner super hero is here to save the day!” Sienna, Grace, and Cupid looked towards me as I read off the things we needed to do to get ready for the birthday party. “Grace, you’re in charge of the cake, and Cupid and Sienna, you finish with the decorations. I’m going to go stall Piper at the mall, so that should give you a few hours!”

IMG_4402Meanwhile at the mall, Piper was browsing through some of her favorite shops to treat herself to a little birthday fashion spree. “I do love this crown,” She mumbled, examining the gold crown. 

IMG_4404“Hey Piper! It’s your very best friend here to celebrate our birthday with you!” I said, jumping next to Piper. “Bri!” Piper flinched, surprised to see me. “I was just going back home.” I shook my head, “No you weren’t!”

IMG_4408“Yes I was!” Piper argued, heading towards the door. I dropped a pile of clothes into her arms and pushed her towards the dressing rooms, “First you have to try on all these clothes.” 

IMG_4409Meanwhile, back at the party, Sienna, Grace, and Cupid were almost done with the decorations, but one thing was missing! “I’m sort of stuck.” Sienna groaned, wiggling out of the Happy Birthday banner. Grace looked thoughtful for a moment, and then exclaimed, “Don’t worry! I have an idea!” 

IMG_4427Back at the mall, I was almost done stalling Piper, but she had other ideas. “Time to go!” She said cheerfully, lugging around five new shopping bags. “No, we still have to go somewhere! Maybe we could go to the zoo! Where are you going? Piper? Piper! I haven’t gotten the signal!” But Piper had already left the shop.

IMG_4430Soon we were all back at the party, and everyone shouted “Surprise!” Piper blushed with happiness and ran to hug her friends. I whispered to Cupid, “How did you get the banner up that high?” “Oh,” Cupid answered, “We had a bit of help!”

IMG_4453She stepped away to reveal one of the 18-inch dolls, Cece, who Piper had run up to and wrapped in a big bear hug. “Thanks!” Piper gushed, “This is the best birthday ever!”

IMG_4462“Ta-da! Happy birthday Piper!” I announced happily, jumping up to celebrate with her. I think it ended up being a pretty awesome party (I mean they always are, but this one was even more awesome than usual :))

Lulu and Bri :) 


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