Our Top Five Blogging Resources


Our Top 5 Blogging ResourcesWe’ve received a handful of questions from Doll Mag readers in the past on how best to improve their blog, and what better way to share advice than provide our favorite blogging resources?! :) We use a lot more than the ones shown below, but these five are the websites and programs that we use regularly to prepare blog posts and magazine articles. Do you have any to share?

Our Top 5 Blogging Resources1 / PowerPoint We do almost everything on PowerPoint, from our entire magazine issues to preparing images for posts {like these ones!}. PowerPoint may not come easily to everyone at first, so Lulu and I suggest playing around with the different features to get a good sense of the program.

On a different note, we have a question, mainly out of curiosity! Would you be interested in a tips and tricks post regarding PowerPoint? We’ve learned a lot over the years working with it, and we would be happy to share!

2 / KG Fonts There is no shortage of free fonts on the internet, and many of our favorite fonts come from such sites {Lost Type Co-Op, Miss Tiina, and Kevin and Amanda are great places to start}. However, we can easily declare KG Fonts as the most reliable place to find free typefaces. Kimberly’s fonts are so cute and creative, perfect for our blogging style!

3 / Melonheadz Illustrations Just as with fonts, there are many free clipart sites Lulu and I enjoy, but one that never fails us is Melonheadz Illustrations. While not every piece of clipart is free, there are so many available that it hardly becomes a problem for us! How adorable the illustrations are is just an added plus :)

4 / Color Collective If we are going to be perfectly honest, finding good color combinations can be hard! That’s where the site Color Collective comes in. Lauren matches pictures with color palates, providing designers and bloggers with new inspiration each time they visit her site. This especially comes in handy when we are in a time crunch for an issue release date.

5 / Picasa Finally, while we use iPhoto for our basic photo editing, Picasa is a good resource for creating collages or making more advanced edits. If I remember correctly, it costs some money, but it’s well worth it in our opinion!

Have a wonderful night!


7 thoughts on “Our Top Five Blogging Resources

  1. Thank you for the awesome tips! I tend to use fotor for photo edits when I submit to another blog. The free section has limitations, but still works well.

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