Working on Wednesdays / 22

Hello! Working on Wednesdays 22Besides surviving the final weeks of school {we finish on June 23rd, which seems awfully far away, if you ask us} and working on the July/August issue, Lulu and I have also been busy party planning! Above are two things we have snagged recently to help us out: Papers to Petal, a book on how to make, as the title suggests, flowers from paper and some fun embellished stickers from the Martha Stewart line at craft stores. We can’t wait to reveal all of our fun crafts and projects with you in July! And as a little FYI – If you have sent us an email or have just been wondering about our lack of blogging, please be patient with us. Finals, concerts, class events and awards, projects, and family commitments have taken first priority as our school year comes to a close, so our regular Doll Mag pace should be picked up again shortly! :) Thanks for understanding! Bella and Lulu


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