Comments From Bri / 06


Bri LogoThis afternoon, Bella and I were coming up with post ideas when we realized we hadn’t even posted our favorite feature for this month! Can you guess what it is? :)

Duh! It’s Comments From Me! Everyone’s favorite posts. 

Okay, Bri. As I was saying, we thought it would be fun to make this one summer-themed since the end of school is so close-

And I got awesome new summer clothes! 

Yeah, but, Bri-

I think I should just finish the introduction. Okay, hi everyone! To celebrate summer, I decided to go to the beach with Piper and go on a super fun picnic, but why don’t I just show you…

Bri School “Tick tock!” The clock clanked as I stared at it, waiting for the last day of school to be over. “One, two,” I whispered under my breath, “three!” With that I jumped out of my desk and ran out to the hallway to get ready for my summer fun. 

Bri Summer I was ready to head to the beach in a few minutes, dressed in my brand new summer clothes with my hair clipped up because of the heat. “Off to the beach, summer’s finally here!” I hummed as I skipped out the school doors. 

Bri TowelOnce I had arrived at the beach, I quickly snagged a spot on the sand and began rolling out my things. “Towel, magazine, mirror phone, bag, heels, back-up heels,” I said, mentally checking things off my list. I stretched my arms and lazily fell back on the towel, ready to enjoy the sun. 

Bri and Piper“Boo!” My best friend Piper shouted in my ear just as I was about to doze off. “Piper!” I squealed and gave her a big hug. “I knew you would go here first thing,” she told me, beaming. “So I grabbed my swimsuit and ran right over. Want to hit the water?” 

Bri WaterTogether we ran to the sparkling water, with Piper jumping in right away. I stayed cautiously on the sand, pulling back my toes from the waves. “Is it cold?” I asked, eyeing the water wearily. Piper shook her head, “Come on Bri! It’s fun!” I nodded and took a big jump, ending by splashing into the water. “You were right!” I exclaimed, cheerfully spraying water on my bestie. “Want to race to that rock?” “You’re on!”

See, wasn’t that fun? Now onto my picnic!

Bri basketSince we’re very best friends, Piper and I decided to go on a picnic after our beach adventure, and I was fully prepared with a lunch. “Woah! How much food did you pack?” I shrugged, “Well, you never know if we’ll need back-ups.” 

bri and piper“Now we’ll have to lug this all the way to the park!” Piper groaned, but I giggled. “But when you get to have the choice between chocolate and lemon cake, you’ll thank me!” 

IMG_5003After a while, Piper and I were able to bring the gigantic picnic basket to the park, ready to go find our usual spot, but there was a surprise waiting for us! Cupid and Siena were standing right across from us ready to set up their own picnic. “What are you doing here?” They asked. “Going on a picnic!” Piper replied, “What are you doing here?” “Picnicing.”

IMG_5011“Don’t worry everyone!” I interrupted. “We can have a giant picnic together!” The other girls nodded their agreement and we sat down and began eating our yummy treats. 

IMG_5013The end!

Lulu and Bri :) 


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