AG Release June 2014 / Lulu’s Thoughts


We didn’t disappear, friends! We’re back with lots of new posts, an amazing issue to share with you on July 1st, and for today, my thoughts on the latest AG release, so let’s get started!

All of the photos in this post are from the AG website; to see the rest of the collection and links to their stock pages, you can head to our Pinterest page.

My AG 61My American Girl #61

She’s so cute! This doll probably won’t be joining my collection, but I love her hair-style (my doll Payton has the same wig in a different color, and it’s great for styling!) and she has pretty contrasting eyes. Not a huge standout, but she’s still a fun doll with a few of Saige’s features for anyone who missed out on the former GOTY.

Sunny Isle OutfitSunny Isle Outfit

This outfit technically didn’t come out with this release, but since it came out in a very tiny collection of outfits a few weeks ago, I thought I would add it into this post! I personally really love this outfit with its trendy printed shorts, ruffles, and tropical color combination. It might just have to come home with me next time we head to the AG store :)

Isabelle's Sparkle DressIsabelle’s Sparkle Dress

I think American Girl may have over done it with the sparkles on this one. Maybe without those few random ones at the bottom I would like it better? I’m glad Isabelle has a fancier dress now, and that rosy pink shade looks great on all sorts of dolls (I love it with dark hair, but that’s a personal preference.).

Coconut OutfitCoconut Cutie Outfit

I would solely buy this outfit for the shoes. Not that I don’t like the skirt and shirt too, of course! The orange and turquoise color is a new combination for AG in this kind of outfit and I have to say that I really like it. If I had to choose a few things about it that I would change, I would make the tulle layer of the skirt more even and get rid of the saying on the shirt.

Starry Hoodie OutfitStarry Hoodie Outfit

Yay! There’s lot’s of purple in this one! The patterned leggings look really cool and would be nice under a tunic or solid tee, but judging by the picture, they seem a little too long. There’s also a weird roll at the bottom of the hoodie… hmm.

School Stripes OutfitSchool Stripes Outfit

The fact that they put this outfit on this doll (Cece!) made me immediately think of McKenna. Maybe it’s the stripes or because it’s a tunic? I like the new colors, and I would definitely buy those sneakers separately if I could. Why does American Girl want me to have such contrasting feelings about their clothes?! :)

Bright Stripes OutfitBright Stripes Outfit

The pieces of this outfit are really cute (the jacket!), but I’m not exactly sure they go together. Having words on the t-shirt was a bit of a bad idea since you can’t really read them with the jacket on, but I love the colors (pink looks great with dark denim) and adore the shoes. Having the stars on the jeans annoy me, but if I ever got this, we have plenty of other jeans that could be used instead.

Petals and Plaid PJsPetals and Plaid PJs

This is my favorite outfit for the 18 inch girls from this release! Since we have an overflowing box of doll pajamas sitting in our closet right now, I guess I’m a bit obsessed with cute AG sleep wear sets :) It took me a while to figure out why I liked this one so much, but I think it’s because the colors work so well together and there are such nice pieces.

Skateboarding SetSkateboarding Set

Ooh… AG ventures into the deep unknown world of skateboarding doll clothes! And I have to say, they did a pretty good job. I love that turquoise and pink combination and the pattern on the skateboard, along with the awesome sneakers, tops it all off.

Sparkly Camp OutfitSparkly Camp Outfit

There’s purple, there’s sequins, there’s a super cool neon belt, there are even cooler raspberry fringe boots, and it’s all being modeled by one of my doll Gabby’s clones a doll that happens to look a lot like our model Gabby! What more could I ask for?

Bee Yourself OutfitBee Yourself Outfit

Sigh. I usually love AG’s Halloween costumes, but this year’s left me feeling disappointed. Since my dolls would probably only wear it one time a year (the colors are too specific to really be matched with other pieces) and the shirt and skirt are actually a one-piece, I don’t think it’s the best version the costume could be. The accessories of the outfit are very cute though, so I’ll have to take a look at it in person for a final assessment.

Bitty Baby Lamb PJsBitty Lambie PJ’s

You could put anything on the Bitty Babies and have me think it’s the cutest thing in the whole world because of their sweet faces, but this outfit is truly adorable. The dress by itself can be used as everyday wear, those types of leggings are usually very nice quality in my experience, and those lamb slippers are so cute that I want them to be in my size. Sometimes blue and pink together can look a little predictable, but AG did a great job with this one.

Pretty Picnic OutfitPretty Picnic Outfit

Picnics are fun, aren’t they? And I would totally show up at a picnic dressed in this perfectly coordinated outfit if I could. Like I said above, I adore rosy and deep pinks, and it’s no different this time around. I was worried the muted colors of the fruit pattern would look musty or faded, but they just look vintage… although I might just be under the power of that cute little Bitty Baby face.

Polka-Dot Day DressPolka Dot Day Dress

This. Is. Too. Cute. The shape of the dress is basic, but it’s still packed with plenty of fun polka-dot colors! The accessories just add to the outfit without making it too busy, not to mention how great it’ll look with the Bitty Twin’s Grocery Set (See my glowing paragraph below).

New PetsNew Pets

Unfortunately, I have very mixed feelings about these new pets. Some of them scare me a little *coughthekittencough*, but I think others are really adorable, especially the dalmatian! I was sort of annoyed that AG didn’t give the pets names or little bios like they’ve done in the past, and most of them all come with the same exact bone.  I’m also not a big fan of the leashes or the pet outfits, and I’m pretty sure that the new Coconut is the other Coconut’s evil twin (But really, look at this picture of Coconut and the one in the collage. They totally can’t be the same dog.).

Isabelle's Makeup KitIsabelle’s Makeup Kit

So this set is basically a black box, a mirror, six hair elastics, stickers, and a comb? Considering I could get half these things for a price much lower than $36, I don’t think this set will be coming home with us any time soon. It’s cute to look at though! By the way, does anyone else think it’s a bit weird that Isabelle has her name on her lip gloss?

Camping SetSunset Sleepover Tent

I like the coral and turquoise colors, but nothing else about this tent really stands out to me. I like the rounded shape of the other tent better, but this one might work better space-wised. Plus there’s a purple lantern that actually lights up – what could be better?

Camp Treats SetCamp Treats Set

Oh AG, why do you have to make such great food sets and make my wish list so long? Seriously though, those little chocolate pie things look good enough to eat, not to mention that little portable grill thingie!

Violet Heart WatchViolet Heart Watch

Hmm… Eight dollars for a pretend watch with sticker hands. Not even the color and sparkles could make me want this one. Same thing with the new rings. I didn’t even like them enough to give them a picture in this post.

Bitty Twins' Groceries Bitty Twins’ Groceries

How cool is it that the twins have their own grocery bag? And that it’s covered with a giant strawberry?! I love the little details on the food in this set, even if it’s a bit out of scale, and the coupons are just so fun. There’s lots of play ideas packed into these accessories!

What are your thoughts on the new items?


Psst. Bella’s thoughts will be shared later this week, after we release the NEW issue! :)


9 thoughts on “AG Release June 2014 / Lulu’s Thoughts

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  2. I love seeing everyone’s thoughts on the new releases. They are wide and varied.
    I do like the Coconut Cutie and Bright Stripes outfits. they have great mix and match potential. I did like the bee costume for the same reason until you pointed out that the shirt and tutu are one piece. :(

    As for the new style pets…I like most of them. The corgi is on my wish list. The dalmatian is cute, but seems small for that breed. Even the new Coconut is cute. I like that they are posable. Great range for all the stop motioners out there. I’d like the leash and bed sets a bit better if they were a little cheaper and if they were more unisex. Only the “funky” combination seems masculine and it still wouldn’t work for the Himalayan cat because it heavily features bones.

    I like the camp treats set, but not for that price. So many of the bloggers have shown how to make similar sets we could just search the tutorials.

    I agree about the watches. Some of the older AG watches actually worked (I have 2 that need new batteries) and both came with outfits. But as I do not like paying more than $12 for a watch for me…$8 for one that is fake…

    The bitty groceries set is kind of cute.

    • In my experience, the type of fabric the hoodie is made out of doesn’t always lay flat at the bottom (even in the fabric under the hem.) I haven’t seen the hoodie in person though, so I could be wrong. :)


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