Staff Picks / June 2014


Staff Picks June 2014Well, we managed to sneak in our staff picks at the very last minute, did we not?! :) Lulu and I FINALLY finished  the July/August issue this afternoon; we can’t wait to share it with you all tomorrow! However, in the meantime, both of us have enjoyed catching up on the posts of our favorite doll blog reads and adoring the pieces of some amazing doll Etsy shops. Here’s what we thought was the best of the best this past month, but let us know if we missed a post you think deserves the spotlight.

1 • Have you been keeping up with the World Cup? I’ve tried my best to follow the winners and the losers, similar to Inky, over at Super Inky!, who has been doing a pretty good job.

2 • Lulu absolutely “hearts” this EAH cutie! :) She loves Lizzie’s contrasting dark hair and pretty red-and-gold dress {I certainly agree}. There’s no doubt that this doll will be coming to the Doll Mag home once she’s released! :)

3 • I love celebrating the Fourth of July, the ultimate summer holiday, and it’s coming up fast! If you want to let your dolls join in the fun, Janie Jumps, has a great selection of red, white, and blue pieces, like this Patriotic Floral Peplum Blouse.

4 • What do you get when you cross one cute doll with another cute doll? Over at the 18 Stitches blog, Becca shared the results of her first customization! Lulu thinks that Fable is adorable, and for me, she ranks right up there with my other custom fave: Clarisse from Clarisse’s Closet.

5 • Mon Chat Dans La Lune released their summer line earlier this month – we love the bright colors and florals! It’s hipster style done right.

6 • Finally, although she has not updated since very early this month, Lulu and I have enjoyed looking through the archives of Audra’s Elements of Style. She’s pretty fashionable, yes?

Happy Monday, friends!


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