AG Release June 2014 / Bella’s Thoughts


It’s been a week since American Girl came out with a boatload of new items, and I finally sat down to write up my thoughts on the release! There were many products that I liked, and a handful that I loved, but, of course, there were a few sets that I was not such a fan of. Read through my thoughts, take a peek at Lulu’s, which she shared earlier in the week HERE, and then let us know what you thought of the new items! We love getting different perspectives when we can.

AG Release June 2014 Likes[a] Coconut Cutie Outfit While I didn’t love this outfit the moment I saw it the day of the release, it has slowly grown on me over the past week. I see plenty of mix-and-match potential with the frilly orange-coral skirt, and graphic tees are underrated staples in a doll’s wardrobe. The adorable floral shoes just made the outfit {I would love a pair myself :)}.

[b] Twin’s Groceries I tend not to take even a second glance at the Bitty Twin accessory sets, but AG nailed it with this release. As a kid, I know I would have ADORED this set, but even now, as a teenager, I appreciate the creative and playful items included. I’m not sure if this will ever come home with us, but if it does, a photo story would be in the near future after our purchase.

[c] Camp Treats Set Unfortunately, this cute food set has not received the best reviews so far, but I’m holding my final opinions until I see it in person. Meanwhile, however, I’m admiring the amount of pieces this set comes with, especially the tasty-looking sandwiches and panini press.

[d] Polka Dot Day Dress There are no words to describe how cute this outfit is! I didn’t really like the items the Bitty Twins received with the last release, so I am more than pleased that I like this outfit {and the corresponding accessories} so much. It’s on my wish list for my birthday, and if I don’t receive it then, I plan to buy it myself!

AG Release June 2014 Dislikes[a] School Stripes Dress I know that many individuals of AG’s intended audience will want this dress for their doll, but the ensemble just isn’t working for me. I’m not a fan of the color combination, nor do I like the shape of the dress {i.e it looks a little frumpy}. This one will be a hit or a miss depending on the person, I’m thinking.

[b] Coconut My opinion of American Girl’s pet line revamp is mixed with nostalgia from when I was first introduced to AG, and I believe that would be why I am hesitant to accept this “new” Coconut. There’s nothing wrong with the pet, necessarily, but it’s messing with the iconic image of Coconut: A Girl’s Best Friend. Thoughts?

[c] Sunset Sleepover Tent Camping seems to be trending right now {we even considered doing camp-teamed crafts for our latest issue}, so I honestly don’t mind that AG released a new tent to go along with the camping outfit and accessories. However, I hope I am not the only one that thinks $85 is a little much to be paying for a doll tent.

[d] 3-in-1 Ring Set While I like {and even encourage!} the increase in jewelry for the MyAG line, I was disappointed that the rings looked so… cheap. I would much rather spend my eight dollars on one of the bags or even add in two more dollars for a pack of earrings.

If you want to browse the new items yourself, click HERE.

Have a fabulous evening!


Psst. Have feedback on the new issue? Hearing what you loved and what you think could be improved on lets us better shape future editions. Drop us a line HERE if you do! Have we told you that you rock yet? :)


2 thoughts on “AG Release June 2014 / Bella’s Thoughts

  1. I loved reading what you think! I totally agree about the new Coconut. She doesn’t look ugly, or anything, I actually think she looks kind of cute, but it looks nothing like the real Coconut! I guess she is white, but that’s it. :P I really don’t like the new tent, either.

  2. I loved reading your thoughts on the release items. I like all your likes, but am concerned that the camp treats are too expensive. Between Etsy foods and DIY craft tutorials, the industrious person could have something similar for a lot less.

    Both of my sitting Coconuts (the one we lost and his replacement) have the magnetic mouth…so does Licorice so this feature didn’t phase me at all. I like that the new pets are posable. Should Coconut have been included with this revamp? I’m not sure. I’d like to see a side by side comparison of the size.

    The tent…why a new tent right now? Last year’s tent had to go on sale more than 50% off only a few weeks ago. If that one wouldn’t sell at $85 looking more like a tent you would find at Cabela’s, then why do they think this one will do better?

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