Summer Hiking / A Photo Story


If the humidity and heat of last week were any indication, the two of us are in for a hot, sticky summer, so we try to take advantage of the beautiful days while we can! Payton and Julie agree; as two of our more adventurous dolls, they decided to go for a hike this afternoon in the great outdoors.

PackingPayton couldn’t wait to start her hiking trip with Julie, so she started packing up everything they would need right away. “Okay, water, sunblock, flashlight, trail mix…” she said to herself as she dropped each thing into her bright backpack.

Together Photo“Hi Julie!” Payton greeted her friend happily at the beginning of the hiking trail. “Hey Payton,” Julie answered as she slung her coordinating red bag over one shoulder. “I can’t wait to see all the different plants and animals. I brought my camera for pictures too!”

CompassBefore long the two friends were already out on the path, with Julie leading the way as the girls gazed in awe at the nature around them. “This is so much fun,” Payton squealed as she watched a colorful butterfly glide through the wind.

Faraway PhotoSoon Julie and Payton came close to a rockier patch with stones laid across the ground. “Let’s jump!” Julie exclaimed as she hopped from one big stone to the next. “Wait for me,” Payton called, gripping her walking stick in her hand.

Tree ClimbingAt the end of the hiking trail there sat a large tree with plenty of foot holes for climbing. The girls pulled themselves up onto the sturdiest branches and began chatting up a storm. “Want trail mix?” Payton offered, already grabbing it out of her pack. Julie nodded and they munched on their tasty treats.

Rocks“Thanks so much for coming hiking with me Julie,” Payton thanked her. “No problem! I had loads of fun!”

We hope you had a terrific weekend! Did you go on any fun adventures?

Lulu and Bella


9 thoughts on “Summer Hiking / A Photo Story

    • Hi Abigail,

      Thank you! We had lots of fun with this photo shoot.

      We can’t do a full review of Julie at this time, but here’s a few of our thoughts on her: She has a very lovely face mold {the Josefina one}.
      We love her contrasting brown eyes and blond hair.
      Her hair is very long and great for styling, but it does shed a bit.
      She also looks great in both modern and historical clothes, which can be a bit tricky for other dolls.

      We hope this helps, but is you need more information, there are plenty of wonderful reviews on the AG website!


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