Birthday Party / Plates and Cups


Download Plates and CupsI hope you’re enjoying our series of birthday party posts so far! After our recent tutorial on how to make petits fours, we thought it would be a fun idea to make floral-themed printable templates with which you can decorate your doll’s plates and cups; they would be perfect for parties, picnics, or other summer adventures involving yummy dishes.

To make the plates, you can cut out our floral circle design and tape or glue it onto a thin sheet of foam of the same size.

For the cups, cut out the floral pattern and wrap it around doll cups you already have, trimming it as needed {We used the cups that came with Chrissa’s party food set}. With a bit of creativity, we’re sure that you could quickly whip up a cup out of craft foam as well.

You can download the printable here: Cups and Plates Printable

Cece and plateCece loves her pretty patterned plates!

Have a great rest of your day!

Lulu :)


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