Working on Wednesdays / 23


WOW 23If you have read our current issue, you may have noticed that my own illustrations were added in on our quiz page! Art {graphic design, photography, and illustration in particular} is one of my favorite things to work on in my free time. As a result, I was delighted that Lulu let me work on the quizzes with her, as she is in charge of them for each issue. For the latest edition, I sketched a group of girls on a roller coaster, one of my favorite rides at any amusement park. I snapped a few photos as I was coloring a few weeks ago; one look at the pictures will tell you that there’s no shortage of Vera Bradley items in the Doll Mag household :)

WOW 23 Second PhotoMy typical process begins with me sketching out the scene. From there, I outline each element with a fine-tip black pen, and then I fill them in with Sharpies, Copic markers, or Papermate Flair pens. Finally, I finish by scanning in my drawing and inserting it in our issue! It’s easy-peasy, and coloring is a perfect activity for me to do while catching up on my summer television series {Dance Academy, anyone?!}. Do you enjoy drawing or coloring?

Have a fabulous rest of your day!


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