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Bri LogoI hope you all had a wonderful Thursday! Today I took lots of Doll Mag pictures, including some of our Ever After High doll, Siena’s, birthday!

Guess what? Today was Siena’s birthday and we threw her a huge party!

I just said that.

Oh. Well it was Red Carpet themed, because you know, that totally should have won Lulu and Bella’s poll-

Secret Garden was great too, Bri.


Siena and Bri“Welcome to your Red Carpet birthday party!” I said, pulling my best bud Siena into her sparkly party. Siena’s eyes widened and she looked around at the gold walls. “This is nothing,” I told her, “let me give you the tour.”

StageWe walked down the hall and turned into another red and yellow room that was decorated with a big stage. “Ta-da!” Piper sang as we came through the door. “For all your performance needs!” 

Light 1Siena eagerly hopped onto the stage and did a little dance as Piper and I lugged over a giant spotlight. “Almost got…it…” I groaned, pulling it onto my shoulder. “There! Now everything is perfect.” 

Light 2“It works for telling ghost stories too!” I laughed, lighting my face up in the yellowish glow. Siena raised an eyebrow and I clicked the light off. “Oops! We have one more place to go.” 

GraceSiena and I swung into the next room where Grace was waiting with her personalized clapper board. “It’s reeeaalllllllly heavy….but really cool,” She wheezed as she presented it to the birthday girl. “Use it wisely.” 

CupidI looked around for a minute, expecting the final touch. “Cupid!” I mumbled under my breath, waiting for my friend to pop out. “Here I am.” She said, bringing out the final surprise: an over-sized abundance of popcorn. “But it looks so yummy!” She complained when she released her treat over to Siena. Luckily she was willing to share, and the four of us along with Piper were having a popcorn party in no time. 

Group“So, do you like it?” I asked nervously when we were done eating. “I love it!” Siena answered, smiling. 

The end!

Have a great weekend!

Lulu and Bri :) 

Psst. Check back here next week for more EAH fun!


6 thoughts on “Comments From Bri / 07

  1. Comments from Bri is one of my favorite features! She is so spunky and sassy! I agree, Bri, red-carpet should’ve won! (garden theme is still cool though:)

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