And The Awards Go To…


Our weekend became even better when we saw that two of our readers nominated us for awards on their blogs earlier this week {thank you so much Eve and Saige4Crafts!}. Each award comes along with a few questions for the recipient[s] to answer, and so, as in the past, the two of us share our responses below. How has your weekend been so far?

Beachy Blogger AwardBeachy Blogger Award Thanks Saige4Crafts!

1. What is your favorite new pet from AG?

B / While I am not the biggest fan of the pet line revamp as a whole, I think the Dalmatian is adorable!

L / I like the dalmatian as well!

2. Do you like Beforever?

B / With the information available right now, I do! AG appears to be staying true to their brand as much as they can, and I am excited that the historical girls are receiving the attention they deserve.

L / I’m glad the historical line is getting a revamp, although I will miss some of the old meet outfits. I can’t wait to see all the changes when it’s fully released, though!

3. What is your favorite food?

B / It changes all the time! Right now, I am loving fat-free vanilla yogurt with chocolate granola – it is so tasty.

L / Pineapples or bagels… maybe both!

4. Horses or cats?

B / Neither. Sorry, horse and cat fans!

L / Cats rule.

5. Pink or green?

B / Pink, all the way, although I love the two colors together.

L / Same with me. I love pink, but paired together, the colors are even prettier.

6. Lanie or Caroline?

B / They are both so cute, but I’ll go with Caroline for her long blonde hair.

L / I like Lanie’s outfits, but I always find the historical stories super interesting, so it might be a tie!

Your Blog Makes Me Happy AwardYour Blog Makes Me Happy Award Thanks Eve at My AG World!

1. What is your favorite AG Historical doll?

B / Don’t make me choose between Julie and Ruthie. That wouldn’t be fair :)

L / Josefina :)

2. How may AG dolls do you have?

B / If we are talking strictly the 18-inch type, I have six.

L / For just 18-inch dolls, I have seven, but with my Bitties and Hopscotch Hill doll, I have 10.

3. Mint green or pink?

B / That’s similar to the question above, yet my answer remains the same: pink!

L / Same!

4. Our Generation or Maplelea Dolls?

B / In the past, my feelings on these two doll lines has been rather passive, but The Toy Box Philosopher‘s review of Saila has turned me into a Maplelea Girl Doll fan!

L / That Toy Box Philosopher review was very convincing. :)

5. Fall or spring?

B / I LOVE everything about fall.

L / Fall! It’s my birthday month.

6. Isabelle or McKenna?

B / McKenna, although neither of the two dolls blew me away with their collections.

L / I like McKenna’s color scheme better, but Isabelle does have some cool hair.

7. If you could add another item to AG’s new summer release, what would it be?

B / Hmm, I am not really sure! I was actually fairly pleased with the recent release.

L / I thought the release was really well done, but I wish there were a few more patterned dresses.

8. Ice cream or popsicles?

B / Ice cream, especially cookie dough or chocolate!


9. What do you most love to do with your dolls?

B / Photograph them or create something for them.

L / Make animations with them and sew for them.

We have chosen not to pass on this award to any select bloggers, because we hate choosing from all of the amazing doll blogs out there! However, we want to thank Eve and Saige4Crafts one last time – you made our weekend!

Have a wonderful night!

Bella and Lulu


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