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Love Ellie Bean Shop Owner SpotlightOne thing I love coordinating for each issue is the Shop Owner Spotlight interview! As someone with limited sewing ability, it’s such fun getting the behind-the-scenes look of each talented seamstress. This time, we’re showcasing the incredibly kind Anjanette, who sells adorable AG clothing in her Etsy shop, Love Ellie Bean. Just one peek into her shop will show you how much effort and care goes into making each item, and the styles she has are perfect for some early back-to-school shopping for your doll {I have no shame in starting now for myself :)}. We highlighted a few of Anjanette’s responses in our current issue, but here’s the full five question interview!

What inspired you to start your shop?

I have been sewing since I was about 11. I have always loved it, but I just recently realized how it puts me in a “happy place” and so my hobby became a place for me to find peace and contentment. When my daughter turned 7, I bought her a Madame Alexander doll and made an entire wardrobe to accompany “Ella.” A year later, we bought her an American Girl doll, Lanie, and the clothing requests kept coming. I was so delighted with the fact that I could sit down and have a completely new piece of doll clothing done in about an hour.  Sewing human-sized clothing takes considerably more time!

My friend, Sara, was the one who first encouraged me to open an Etsy shop.  I was very reluctant. Up until this point, my sewing was very personal and I didn’t need to worry about if anyone else liked it. I was a nervous wreck when I first opened Love Ellie Bean because I was very scared that people wouldn’t like what I made. It seems silly now, but it’s the truth! My daughter’s name is Ellie and I call her Ellie Bean (because it rhymes with Jelly Bean!) as a nickname. She is, after all, my sewing inspiration!

What are your favorite pieces to make? {e.g. t-shirts, skirts?}

I adore making dresses. I think that, really, I should have been alive during the 50’s because that is my favorite fashion era. I wish we all still wore circle skirts and sweater sets and that dressing up was still what people did. I live in Southern California and people here think they’re “dressed up” when they put shoes on instead of flip-flops.  Sigh.

How do you come up with the ideas for your outfits?

Usually I find fabric I love first and wait for the fabric to “tell me” what to make. That sounds so mystical, but what I really mean is this: different fabrics lend themselves to different types of clothing pieces by their color, drape, weight, texture, etc., so I really try to make things that suit that fabrics that I have fallen in love with.

What are some of your favorite color combinations?

I adore light pink, so most of the fabric I buy is either pink, or goes well with it. Pink goes so well with brown, light blue, lavender, light green, black… see? It’s hard to branch out when I’ve found such a winner starting color!

Finally, we would love to know a little bit about your dolls.

I know I’m going to shock you here, but I don’t own a single American Girl! Those all belong to my daughter. She has three: Saige, number 55 (named Luna), and Lanie.  I mostly use Luna for my photo shoots because I love her coloring and her face has such personality. I do own my own dolls – they are beautiful Madame Alexander dolls named Ming, Nichole and Juliet. I don’t use them for photo shoots though, because their bodies are slightly different from the AG dolls and I want people to know that my clothing will fit their dolls. I have heard rumors about American Girl releasing a historical 50’s doll and if that happens I just may have to buy her!

A big thank you to Anjanette! I too would love it if dressing up took an entirely new meaning, and I am in agreement that pink is a terrific starting color.

Do you own an Etsy shop and want to be interviewed as well?! We are currently looking for a shop owner to interview in our September/October issue. Feel free to email us HERE, and we’ll get back to you if we believe you are the right fit. Emailing us does not guarantee an interview.

Have a lovely Sunday!


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