Staff Picks / July 2014


July 2014 Staff PicksAnother month winding down, another edition of Staff Picks! There was so much to choose from this month that I know I had a tough time deciding on my four to feature. However, between Lulu’s picks and my own, I think we struck a nice balance! From some wonderful artwork to a few Etsy favorites, be sure to stop by at each link and say hello. Do you have any posts that you want to share?

1 | Echo, who blogs at From Echo With Love, also has an Etsy shop filled with some of the coolest things. She just rolled out her line of summer products; our favorite items are the Frozen-inspired tees, like the Elsa example shown above!

2 | After having the same character art for quite a while, Lulu was very happy to see that new posters were being sold with brand-new artwork for our ten-inch EAH friends. She absolutely adores the one for our doll, Bri {Briar Beauty}.

3 | Lulu is jealous of Pipploo’s awesome doll house! She especially likes Addy’s lovely parlor with the historical touches, such as the bright red settee {from Rebecca’s collection} and the adorable kittens :)

4 | I know very little about Journey Girls, but I am learning more with the help of the blog, My Journey Girls Dolls Adventures! The recent raincoat review is a good read – how fun is that floral hat?!

5 | Don’t you love this incredible artwork by Lauren Schmidt? We think that all of the dolls drawn look fantastic, but Kaya’s illustration manages to capture her adventurous and happy spirit the best!

6 | Clarisse always impresses us with her impeccable fashion sense, but her celebrity-inspired ensembles posted this month were spot-on! I know that I would like that pink coat for myself, as would my doll, Ruthie :)

7 | Having a handful of mini dolls ourselves, we were excited to find that the Etsy shop Daisy Chains is selling “petite” versions of her popular sundresses. Lulu’s pick, of course, has her favorite color: purple!

8 | Finally, one of our newest blog finds is A Peek Into the Pantry, where Gwen, the blogger, posts recipes inspired by many of the American Girl dolls. My choice was Julie’s Shrimp and Pineapple Skewers because I use that set all the time.

Have a terrific night!


4 thoughts on “Staff Picks / July 2014

  1. Wow, sorry this comment is coming so late, I just saw that you’d featured me! Thanks so much! :D I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog, I’ve definitely been having a good time sharing it with everyone. c:

    • No worries! We usually stop by each blog to let them know that we featured them, but it slipped our minds last month :) Thank you so much for stopping by!

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