Working on Wednesdays / 24


Nicki and BucketsWe haven’t done a WOW in a while! However, when we came across these adorable doll-sized buckets in the dollar section at Target, we knew they would be perfect to share with you. I have two similar ones that were used as goodie bags at Halloween parties, but since those are in a very specific color palate, we were both excited to find a large array of pretty colors and patterns. The bright hues go so well with Nicki’s new outfit (a b-day present for Bella – we’ll be reviewing it soon!) that she obviously was meant to be the star of this photo shoot.

BucketsHere’s a close up of the two buckets! We use them as trash cans in our doll’s bedrooms and containers to keep our doll food in, but there’s plenty of other uses for them too.

Have you found any doll-sized items lately?



4 thoughts on “Working on Wednesdays / 24

  1. I love those buckets! I have a super cute pink floral one in one of my doll’s bedrooms. Also, I found some tiny baskets in the One Spot at Target that look just like doll-sized laundry baskets! Have you seen those?

    • Ooh, a floral one would be really pretty! We haven’t seen those baskets at Target yet, but we’ll be on the look out next time we’re there.


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