Meet Rubye!


Rubye on Fence Close-UpRemember in our June 2014 Staff Picks when I said that the Ever After High Lizzie Hearts (Daughter of the Queen of Hearts) doll would be coming home with us when she finally came out? Well, looks like I was right! After eagerly stalking checking the EAH blogs and Lizzie’s Amazon page, I discovered that she was ready to order a few days ago. She arrived yesterday, and once I ripped open her box, I was already in love with this doll’s heart-themed clothes and lovely accessories. So now without further ado, I introduce to you Rubye Caroline Hearts!

Rubye on FenceRubye came with some terrible box hair (it was sooooo stiff!), but after about an hour of washing, curling, and brushing, I was very pleased with how it came out. We headed outside for some photos in my favorite places! Above is Rubye hanging out on our fence, which has always managed to end up in my EAH posts – it just looks so pretty!

Rubye on ArchHere’s a close-up of Rubye’s gorgeous face. I absolutely adore her heart make-up and dress, and I think that she just looks very regal and queen-like up there on the top of the garden arch. :)

Rubye Standing Up Before Rubye and I headed inside to take some photos with Bella, she just had to take one more photo on the fence! In this picture you can see her tights and shoes, which are some of my favorites of all the ones I have. She’s a bit shorter than my other EAH dolls (she is the same height as the Madeline Hatter doll), but she is just as adorable and photogenic!

Rubye and BagInside, Bella helped set up a card-themed background, which made this future Wonderland queen feel right at home! In this photo you can see Rubye’s bag, which I think is just the cutest.

HairHere’s Rubye showing off her thick black curls! I especially love her gold crown; it finishes off her outfit perfectly.

Close-up “Hmm… how long do I have to hold this pose?”

CardsShe just had to pose with the Queen cards before the photo shoot ended.

BookAnd here’s our last photo of all, featuring Rubye and Bella’s new copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The cover matches her dress oh-so well. :)

Have a great weekend,

Lulu (and Rubye and Bella!)


13 thoughts on “Meet Rubye!

  1. She is such a cute doll! I didn’t know they came out with her already, she is absolutely darling! I may have to get her sometime after I get the O’Hair twins. ;)

    • Aww, thank you! She only recently came out in the US, (she was first available for order on Amazon on Monday night, but is in stock in the UK in several stores.) I definitely recommend her and hope you’re able to get the O’Hair twins soon!


  2. Off with her head! I mean, how cute! I love the pics especially with the playing cards and the alice in wonderland book.
    I love EAH. I saw pretty much all the dolls today at Target except for Lizzie. It was awesome! Do you know if the Cerise doll has wolf ears?

    • Thanks so much for your comment! The playing cards photo shoot is one of my favorites.
      I believe right now the Lizzie dolls are only available for purchase online, but they should be in stores soon. The Cerise Hood dolls don’t have full out wolf ears, but they do have slightly pointed ears that are shaped differently than the other EAH dolls.


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