Comments From Bri / 08


Bri LogoYesterday was a very special day everyone! It was Bri’s birthda-

It was National Bri Day!

Umm…I don’t think that’s a real holiday Bri.

Of course it is! My friends even celebrated it with me, see….

Bri on Bed“Okay, so a unicorn friend for Divacorn, a shoe closet, shoes to fill the closet with, new sunglasses…” I read  aloud as I typed each new thing onto my  birthday wish list. 

Bri and Piper“Happy birthday Bri!” My best friend Piper jumped onto my bed and gave me a big hug. “What are you working on?” She gestured to my gold laptop. “Oh! My wish list!” Piper gave me an odd look. “You know today’s your birthday right? We already bought all your presents.” “I know!” I answered cheerfully, tucking the laptop under my arm. “This is for next year.” Piper shrugged and pulled me to the door. “Well we better get going! For your birthday celebration, we’re going camping.” “Wait. What?” I demanded, but Piper was already out the door. 

Camping 1“Oompf!” I exclaimed as I dropped my bags onto the dirt of the campground. “How much stuff did you bring?” My new friend Rubye asked, looking at my large (and stylish!) bags. “A lot.” I replied, flopping down on the grass. 

IMG_6693After a little while we were all settled in, with Piper setting up the grill and the rest of us relaxing and talking. “What are you doing Bri?” Grace asked as I sat in my ninja pose. “Swatting away these bugs and trying to rewrite my wish list. I forgot to save it!” Grace shrugged, “You still have another 364 days to re-write it.” 

IMG_6700Soon it was time for dinner and I ran over to the grill to help Piper cook the hot dogs. “Is yours good?” She asked as we munched our dinner. “Mmmhmm!” I nodded in between bites. 

IMG_6710“How’d your s’more come out?” Grace asked when we were down toasting our marshmallows. “Siena, Rubye, and I combined ours to make mini pies!” I looked down at my burnt marshmallow and nibbled on the edge, “Good?” 

Gifts One“Present time!” I sang out once we were all down with our treats, and we all gathered in a tight clump. “Ooh! I’ll go first!” Piper exclaimed and ran over to be, shoving her gift in my face. “Aww, Pipes…it’s us! In a pink frame! You’re happily ever awesome!” I said to my bestie. 

Siena“I’ll go next,” Siena piped up, toting a little red bag. “Here birthday girl!” She said jokingly, presenting me with her gift. I ripped it open to find a pair of little furry boots, perfect for fall.”They’re so pretty!” I cried, rubbing their soft fabric against my face. 

IMG_6652Next, Grace and Cupid came up and handed me their joint gift. When I pulled the tissue paper out of the bag, I discovered the most adorable and fuzzy little pink teddy bear! “Thanks so much you guys!” I said hugging my teddy bear. “I chose the bear,” Grace told me, just as Cupid said, “I chose the pink.” 

Rubye and Bri“Since we haven’t been friends for very long,” Rubye said as she sat down next to me. “I didn’t know what to get you for your birthday, but now I think I know the perfect thing!” With that, she got up and moved over to an open space. 

Rubye and Cards“There.” Rubye announced. With a flick of her hand, playing cards magically appeared in the air and formed themselves in the shape of a heart. My jaw dropped as I looked at the cards with wide eyes.  

Bri and Cards“This is so much FUN!” I cried, smiling as I jumped into the pile of playing cards, with my sunglasses falling into my face. “Thanks Rubye!”

Closing    “Thanks for the great birthday everybody,” I said to my friends as I crawled into my sleeping bag that night. “But just so you know, don’t ever take me camping again. Unless it’s glamping.” 

The end!

Have a great rest of your day!

Lulu and Bri :)


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