Curling Your Doll’s Hair / Style


Cupid the StylistWhen I first got my adorable doll Rubye, I was quite worried about how much styling gunk was in her hair and after brushing all of it out, her hair was left a bit frizzy and unmanageable. I spent some time experimenting with it before finally deciding on leaving it in thick ringlets, and thought this easy and quick tutorial would help out anyone who wanted to do the same. With a little help from Cupid and Rubye, the process was easy and took less than thirty minutes, so let’s get started right away…

Rubye with Uncurled HairHere’s Rubye’s hair when her curls have been brushed out of their curls for a day. Changing this into curls isn’t very hard at all though, all you need are small hair clips (bobby pins work fine too!), a glass of warm water, a doll brush, and of course, your doll. We also recommend doing this on a towel or wash cloth, just so you don’t get your floor or rug wet. For this post, I borrowed Bella’s lovely floral beach towel from J.Crew-yay for fun patterns!

Step 1Step 1 / Brush through your doll’s hair. Make sure you get rid of any major tangles, but it’s okay if it’s not runway ready. Separate a tiny piece of your doll’s hair. For Rubye, I like to start off with her little red pieces of hair, just because I curl them a bit tighter than I do with the rest of her hair so they can frame her face.

Step 2Step 2 / Dunk this piece of hair in your cup of warm water. Get the whole piece wet, and then dry off the ends with your towel so they aren’t dripping.

Step 3Step 3 / Brush the clump of hair until it’s smooth, (this should be easier with the water) and begin twisting it. Keep twisting the hair until it curls itself into a small coil, and then secure it with a clip.

Step 4Step 4 / Continue doing this until your doll’s entire head is twisted into coils. Keep them up for about ten minutes (if you’re impatient like me), or you can wait until they’re fully dry. As long as you don’t do any intense playing or photo shoots in the first half hour of having the curls down, you should be fine either way.

Rubye with CurlsStep 5 / Once they’re dry, style the curls with your fingers.

Do you have any doll hair curling tips?


and Rubye and Cupid :)

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8 thoughts on “Curling Your Doll’s Hair / Style

  1. Super cute! For Rebecca’s curls, I finger curl it meaning I brush it out then I grab a section of hair and twist it. Because her hair is naturally curly, this is the easiest way to do it if you don’t want to involve curlers.

    • For my doll Sally, (who has naturally curly hair too) I brush out a section and twist and clip it like I did with Rubye, but I don’t involve any water. I think that Bella uses a method similar to yours on her doll Zoey. :)


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