Our Trip to Once Upon a Time AG!

Hi!Once Upon A Time AG LogoEarlier this week, Doll Diaries posted about the secondhand shop, Once Upon A Time AG, in Derry, New Hampshire {a HUGE thank you to Rachael for her report!}. Realizing that it was a relatively short drive away, the two of us and our mom decided to head out to see what it was all about. We arrived at the store and instantly began browsing the racks of retired {and present} doll items. As you’ll see in Rachael’s photos, they have a lot in stock! While we enjoyed seeing everything – especially the items that were released and retired before we got into AG – we only found one outfit that we absolutely loved…

Gabby in Paisley DressThe Paisley Dress Outfit! This adorable ensemble was released in 2003, and Lulu’s doll, Gabby immediately claimed it as her own :) Once she was all dressed up and had a new hairdo in place, we pulled out her guitar so she could rock out during our photo shoot.

Close-Up of Gabby's DressHere’s a closer look at the dress. It is adorned with silver sequins, and it has ruffle trim at both the sleeves and the bottom. The dress has a v-neck opening; it can be closed with two ribbons, but we preferred to leave it untied. It’s a perfect party and concert dress, wouldn’t you agree?!

Paisley Dress BootsThe boots are Lulu’s favorite part of the outfit! The original set also came with a bracelet and hair pin, but these cute shoes more than make up for them. They are a textured, shimmery tan material, and they have zippers from top to bottom in the back to close the boots. The shoes also have adjustable straps to ensure that your doll looks her best!

Gabby in Paisley DressWe’re so happy that we were able to find this outfit, and we think Gabby is too!

Gabby with GuitarIf you’re in the New England area, definitely make the trek to Once Upon a Time AG! {Also stop at Moo’s Ice Cream for a post-shopping treat; we highly recommend it :)}.

Bella, Lulu, and Gabs


8 thoughts on “Our Trip to Once Upon a Time AG!

  1. I have that dress and absolutely love it! At my house, Saige has laid claim to it. Since I got mine at a thrift store, all I have is the dress so Saige wears her meet boots with it. I’ve never seen the actual boots so, thanks for showing them.

    • Oh I know! I was surprised to find out that it was only a bit over an hour away from us. The prices ranged anywhere from $35 for newer sets to $90 for the very rare outfits.

  2. I’m going! It’s like an hour away from me, and for a day trip we are heading over there. I can’t WAIT! It’s going to be so awesome! Was it as good as Rachel said? :)

    ~Lydia~ <3

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