From Mall to Doll / 01


From Mall to Doll 01While we love American Girl and their products, Lulu and I think it is safe to say that not all of their outfits are the most trendiest. More often than not, the two of us are pulling inspiration from catalogues, magazines, and store sites to put together different combinations with the doll clothing we own. Our love of mixing and matching, coupled with our Etsy browsing obsession, led us to a new feature we’re excited to introduce: From Mall to Doll! Our goal is simple; we’ll take a “look” from one of our favorite shops and recreate it as best we can with doll-sized pieces from online sellers. Fun and helpful? We sure hope so! :)

Today’s look is from Boden’s kid line, Mini Boden. While we have mainly moved on to the teen line, Johnnie B, Lulu and I continue to check back to the MB section to see the colorful patterns, playful silhouettes, and bright hues of each seasonal line. The outfit above caught our eye because (a) birds {too cute!} and (b) it seemed fairly simple to recreate in the doll world. Jeans are a staple in any wardrobe, and peasant tops make an excellent addition! Our color palette is not the same, but your doll will no doubt fit in perfectly with the autumn landscape.

Shopping Guide: a. Autumn Plaid Peasant Top from Doll Closet / b. Denim Jeggings from Naya’s Designs / c. Tan Hat from Precious Bowtique

Have a lovely Tuesday!


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