Working on Wednesdays / 25


FoldersIt’s felt like a while since we’ve done a Working on Wednesdays post, hasn’t it? Luckily we have an extra fun photo shoot to share with you of my EAH dolls! During our back-to-school shopping, Bella and I got some pretty patterned folders from Target and Staples that work great as backgrounds for my smaller dolls. They looked so cute that we just couldn’t wait to do a photo shoot…

IMG_6294Here’s the lovely Cupid next to a floral folder, looking as cute as can be. The pink flowers match her candy-colored hair perfectly!

IMG_6301Bri couldn’t wait to get in front of the camera. :) The bright colors of this folder were the obvious choice for her photos.

IMG_6281This navy heart folder quickly became Grace’s favorite pattern! That plus her teddy-bear headband are just the things to compliment her sweet personality.

IMG_6246Bella and I thought the roses on this folder looked beautiful with Siena’s pink dress and curly ponytail!

IMG_6119Piper wanted to finish off the folder photo shoot with a simple pink polka-dotted background. It looks great with her outfit and braid, doesn’t it?

You may have noticed that we took these photos before I got Rubye, so here’s a photo of her, just so she could be in the post too…

Why wasn't I in this post?

Why wasn’t I in this post?

Have a great night!

Lulu and the EAH dolls

Psst…Tomorrow is AG’s release of Beforever! Don’t worry-we’ll be up early and giving our thoughts in a post!


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