AG Release August 2014 / Bella’s Thoughts


Like many AG fans, we anxiously awaited yesterday morning to see the Beforever rollout! Unfortunately, the historical dolls often got pushed to the side so the modern girls could get the attention, so this historical-centered day was even more exciting. Now that we’ve let the changes to the historical line settle in our minds a bit, Lulu and I are trying our best to collect our thoughts, although we could really talk for days on the subject! I’ve shared what I liked and didn’t like about the new items below, and Lulu will write her thoughts in the coming week. As always, we would love to hear what you think, but please keep it respectful {we get it – change is hard!} when you comment.

AG August 2014 Release Bella's Thoughts[a] Rebecca’s Director Set I didn’t notice this set initially, but once Lulu pointed it out to me, it was love at first sight! I am pleased that it stays true to Rebecca’s storyline, and I imagine it offers plenty of possibilities for imaginative play {or, in our case, photoshoots}. The price is on the expensive side, but the adorable accessories should be enough motivation to save up some money :)

[b] Julie’s Holiday Outfit Julie and her collection will always hold a dear place in my heart, but her past outfits have been either a hit or a miss. Due to this, I was delighted that she received so much with this release! My favorite outfit by far is her holiday ensemble; I love the dress and velvet headband combination.

[c] Julie’s Snack Set Another Julie item I really like is her Snack Set! I have mentioned in the past that I usually gravitate towards the food accessories, so I have little doubt that this set will come home with us eventually. Really, though, how could you pass up the celery sticks with peanut butter and Jiffy Pop popcorn?!

[d] Samantha’s Ice Cream Parlor It’s unlikely I will ever get this due to its $300 price tag, but I am happy to admire it from afar! I love that AG took a central setting in Samantha’s stories and brought it to life, as it really strengthens the connection between the books and the actual collections. I can’t wait to see and play with it in person!

AG August 2014 Release Bella's Thoughts[a] Kit’s Photographer Outfit I’m still unsure on whether or not this belongs in my “dislikes” category, because I really like outfit itself! The bright yellow and pink look terrific together, and  I don’t doubt the historical accuracy of the product either, given how much research went into the revamp. However, in the context of Kit’s story {which I haven’t read in a while, so forgive me if I am incorrect!}, I question why it’s in her collection. She wouldn’t be caught dead in pink, right?

[b] The New Mini Dolls I don’t have much experience with AG’s mini dolls, owning only Rebecca and Cécile, but the new versions are a bit disappointing to me. I will wait until I see them in person to make my final decision, but the online photos are doing the mini dolls no favors.

[c] Samantha’s Frilly Frock Hmm. I’m just not feeling this one. Again, I’m sure it fits to Sam’s time period and that many girls will purchase it simply because of the pink and purple color scheme, but it’s just not my thing. Your thoughts, friends?

If you want to browse the new items yourself, click HERE.

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12 thoughts on “AG Release August 2014 / Bella’s Thoughts

  1. This was very interesting! I don’t really like Kit’s photographer outfit either, and I really don’t like the new mini dolls. I won’t be buying them off Amazon for sure. The Frilly Frock is okay, but I feel like AG tried to make everything as tight as possible, so that they would use as little fabric as possible!

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