Staff Picks / August 2014


Staff Picks August 2014After a busy month of getting ready for back-to-school (only three more days – eek!), we were both happy to get a chance to relax and browse through our favorite doll blogs to find our choices for this month’s edition of Staff Picks. The doll bloggers of the world have been quite busy this month, posting loads of adorable photo stories, crafts, and hairstyles, that it was hard to narrow done them all to just eight!

1 | Charlotte, Kirsten, and Becca – from the Simply Dollightful blog – headed down to the lake for a lovely waterside dinner! Lulu just adores their outfits and the photos of their latest evening outing.

2 | Emily’s detailed reviews at The Toy Box Philosopher make her blog one of our favorites, and her recent Doc McStuffins review and comparison only reinforced that fact! We loved the in-depth look at two different Doc dolls; they are both such cuties.

3 | Packing our school lunches may not be our favorite thing to do for ourselves, but it sure is fun when the lunch bag and food are doll-sized! :) My Froggy Stuff’s printables will come in handy for our EAH and American Girl doll friends.

4 | For Lulu’s monthly EAH pick, she couldn’t wait to feature the newest character art of the sneaky, but delightful, Duchess Swan (Daughter of the Swan Queen!). Her look from the webisodes has been simplified to make it easier for styling her doll’s hair, but we still think she’s gorgeous – L also can’t wait for some of the other dolls coming out in this wave; Kitty Cheshire and Hopper Croakington, especially!

5 | Bella is super impressed with this adorable and informative guide to photography! Josefina, one of the many dolls at The Guys and Gals of Chestnut Street, looks oh-so cute as she shares her tricks to getting the best shot (Don’t forget to check out part two here!).

6 | Sophie headed done to Colonial Beach for a quick photo shoot…and looked great doing it! Bonus points for her on doing a bit of research to add into the post. :)

7 | We are in the process of dressing up our dolls for the back-to-school season, so the two of us have tried out plenty of new hairstyles too! One we both fell in love with was the Upside Down Waterfall Braid, after reading about it on American Girl Fan. While it looks complicated, it’s easy to pick up.

8 | Swing dancing, fun outfits, and lots of cute custom dolls made this Clarisse’s Closet post one of Lulu’s favorites! Seriously though, all the outfits are amazing and we love all the attention to detail.

Have a great night!

Lulu and Bella


3 thoughts on “Staff Picks / August 2014

    • Hi Abigail! Thank you so much; that means a lot to us! :) We start school this week, so our schedules are packed, but when we get the chance, we will be sure to take a look at your site. Thanks for commenting! B

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