American Girl Release August 2014 / Lulu’s Thoughts


A few days ago Bella shared her thoughts on her favorite and least favorite items from the Beforever Release, while I was busy making my images for my overview of the entire collection. I’ve split the items up into groups (dividing them by doll), and I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you, so let’s get started…

Julie1) Julie Doll / I like both Julie’s old meet outfit and her new one for different reasons. I prefer the peasant top from her old outfit to this tee-shirt and vest, but I love the new jeans. I also adore her (purple!) shoes, although those glasses aren’t the most stylish things on the planet.

2) Julie’s Snack Set / Bella and I both have a weakness for AG food sets, and this one is no exception. With its adorable monkey stuffed animals and food (Jiffy popcorn! How adorable!), it may be my favorite food set out of the whole release.

3) Julie’s Egg Chair / This. Is. So. Cool. That’s really all I can think to say about it. But seriously, how awesome is it that you can hook up your iPod and play music. Sigh. I guess I’ll just have to go and buy it now. :)

4 ) Julie’s Tunic Outfit / I think Julie looks gorgeous in this outfit! This tunic style is one of my favorites, and the belt and tassels adds some 70s flair. I also love her hot pink pants, but I wish those yellow shoes didn’t have heels.

5) Julie’s Holiday Outfit / I liked Julie’s old holiday dress, but I thought that red wasn’t her color; it was one of the things that would have refrained me from buying it. Luckily, with this release, they kept the style but added new colors and patterns! I would have preferred a solid color opposed to the kaleidoscope pattern, but I still adore it.

6) Julie’s Winter Coat and Hat / My love of purple just grows with this adorable little coat! The color goes wonderfully with Julie’s coloring, and the fur trim and knitted hat are just extra fun bonuses.

7) Julie’s Mini Doll / Umm… these mini dolls creep me out a little… Now that they have all vinyl bodies and new face molds (now with 10% more forehead!), I’m not sure a new one will be coming home with me. I haven’t seen them in person though, so it could really just be the photos.

8 ) Peace Petals Outfit For Girls / This is very cute, but I really don’t know where I would ever wear it. It’s just a bit too tie-dye happy for me. That scrunch bag is cute though!

Caroline1) Caroline’s Party Gown / The combination of this dress’s color and Caroline’s styled hair makes her look a lot like Disney’s Cinderella, although I’m pretty sure that’s not the look AG was going for. I like the shoes, headband, and silhouette of the dress a lot, but I’m not so sure about the color and how sheer the material is.

2) Caroline’s Table and Treats / I thought that Marie Grace and Cecile’s treat table was quite cute, and I was sad when it got retired, but luckily, this set reminds me of it a lot! (The platter with the glazed sweets is almost an exact copy of the platter from MG and C’s set). I prefer the food from the other set better, but this is an acceptable replacement.

3) Caroline’s Mini Doll / Remember what I said before about the new mini dolls creeping me out a bit with their new face molds? This one may just have the oddest forehead yet, although it could just be the hairline. Her hair also looks a bit frizzer than the old Caroline mini doll, but again, it could just be the photo.

4) Jacket and Legging Outfit for Girls / This is one of my favorites of out of all the modern adaptations of the historical girls’ outfits! The gray and pink colors go great together and I love how it still seems like Caroline’s meet outfit without screaming “19th century doll clothes!”


1) Josefina Doll / Josefina has a special place in my doll family since she’s my only historical doll, so I was very excited to see how they would redo her look for this release. I love the stripe pattern at the bottom and that they kept the look of the skirt mostly the same, but made everything brighter. My only complaint is that the skirt seems a bit short compared to her other styles in the picture, but you could simply pull it down.

2) Desert Flower Dress For Girls / This is another one of my favorites of the girl-sized outfits from the release! I love the bright colors and boho style, and I am considering getting it for myself.

Kaya1) Kaya Doll / Kaya’s doll didn’t get too many changes with the Beforever revamp, but I do like the small details they added. Her accessories are also quite nice; and add some nice hints of color.

2) Fun Fringed Outfit for Girls / This outfit isn’t my favorite (it’s not my style), but I can see how others would like it. I thought they did a good job taking inspiration from Kaya’s outfit and making it modern, but I would never buy it myself. It kind of looks like something Saige would have worn, doesn’t it?

3) Kaya Mini Doll / I actually think Kaya’s mini doll is quite cute despite my thoughts on the new minis as a whole. Her outfit seems to have translated better into tiny terms than some of the others have, and it scores her some extra points in my book.

4) Kaya’s Hairstyling Set / These are cute accessories, but I really don’t need them since I don’t have a Kaya of my own. That’s all to say…

Addy1 ) Addy Doll / Addy is a very pretty doll no matter what dress she’s wearing, but this shade of blue makes her look ever more beautiful. The pattern is subtle, but adds a touch of elegance to the overall look.

2) Addy’s Lunch Pail / This is so cute! The food looks a bit out of scale, but when they’re posed altogether, the overall look is quite pleasing. I would love to have this for photo shoots!

3) Ribbon Trim Sundress / Did I mention I really love all the girl-sized clothes from this release? Seriously though, this sundress is so pretty. I love dark blue and black pair together and will definitely be taking a look at this dress when Bella and I head to the store.

4 ) Addy’s Mini Doll / I don’t dislike Addy’s mini doll as much as I do some of the others, and I’ll have to make my final opinion in the store, but I think she’s pretty cute and has a lovely outfit.

5 ) Addy’s School Dress / I would most likely get this if I had an Addy doll, but since I don’t, I’ll just admire the displays of it in the store.

Rebecca1) Rebecca’s Director Set / This reminds me a bit of Molly’s old movie theater seat set (which I have and love, by the way), and it’s just as cute! It’s a bit expensive, but I’d be willing to save my money to get that cute chair.

2) Rebecca’s Teatime Traditions Set / Some of the accessories of this set are quite cute, but others are a little too basic for my tastes. If I had Rebecca, I would probably take a closer look at it, but it most likely won’t be coming home with me any time soon. That teapot is quite adorable though!

3) Rebecca’s Mini Doll / Unfortunately, I love Rebecca’s little purple outfit, but I don’t like her mini doll very much at all. The all vinyl bodies lose some points for all the dolls, but the Mini Rebecca doll’s over-sized forehead is just emphasized with her awkward hairline.

4) Rebecca’s Holiday Dress / This might be my favorite thing from the entire release! I love the periwinkle color with Rebecca’s hair and coloring, and the material is quite pretty. It doesn’t seem very appropriate for winter holidays in New York City though – I have a feeling she might be cold when that time comes around. ;)

5) Rebecca Doll / I love Rebecca’s new meet outfit (Bella and I might be buying it together) because of its color (Yay for purple!) and versatile and fashionable pieces. I’m not a fan of her accessories, but altogether, the look is quite pleasing, don’t you agree?

6) Purple Plum Dress For Girls / I’m a bit biased because of my love of purple, but the Purple Plum Dress is very pretty. I adore peter pan collars (when they’re done right, of course :)) and this dress would look great with some leggings and fun boots.


1) Kit’s Typewriter Set / I’m very glad they brought Kit’s typewriter set back, even if it is more pricey this time around. I love how much detail went into it, and I will be putting it on my wish list very soon (once I get a chance to actually make a wishlist :))

2) Gardens Bloom Outfit For Girls / I don’t really like the color palette of Kit’s meet outfit, and the girl version isn’t very different. It’s growing on me, but I won’t be buying it.

3) Kit’s Photographer Outfit / As Bella said before, Kit wouldn’t be caught dead in pink, so I really doubt she would ever wear this outfit. It is cute though, although I think the double bows clutter up the top.

4) Kit’s Reporter Dress / At first I really didn’t like this outfit, but I like it better now. The shape of the pieces look great together and Kit really rocks red.

5) Kit’s Mini Doll / Hmm… I don’t really think this doll looks like Kit. Her doll’s face seems very rectangular because of her short hair, but the cute clip almost makes up for it.

6) Kit’s Doll / Like I said before, I don’t think Kit would ever wear this in the books, even if the style and shoes are pretty cute (seriously, those shoes are awesome). I do like the hat however, and I think it’s a fun addition to Kit’s wardrobe.

Samantha1) Samantha’s Ice Cream Parlor / I want this so badly, but not for $300. I adore all the tiny accessories and details (especially the mini ice cream scoops), but for now I will have to admire from afar. Sigh.

2) Samantha’s Bicycle / I would love this bicycle for my dolls, but it’s on the expensive side. I also like her old one better, but the pink probably goes better with the pieces of Samantha’s new collection.

3) Pink Polka Dot Outfit For Girls / This is oh-so cute! I love how it looks like something Sam would wear, while still having a modern twist. I like how AG paired it with red sneakers on their website, even if I’m not a fan of how they had the model wear the headband.

4) Samantha’s Bicycling Outfit / I like the colors and pieces of this set a lot. It’s nice to see Samantha in some cooler tones considering the rest of her release is filled with lots of pink and lace.

5) Samantha Mini Doll / Samantha’s mini doll isn’t my least favorite, but she isn’t my favorite either. She’s very cute, but I don’t think she resembles the doll as much as her old mini doll did.

6) Samantha’s Frilly Frock / I don’t really understand why they used such shimmery fabric in this outfit. The shape and style fit in perfectly with her other outfits, but the pink and purple (and I love purple!) color palette ruin everything for me. Even if the boots were just black and white they would have looked much better.

7) Samantha’s Fancy Coat Outfit / The style of this coat is really cute, but since they chose the color palette black and white, it sort of reminds me on a dalmation… or maybe Cruella Deville. Hmm. I like the mittens though!

8) Samantha Doll / I adore Samantha’s new dress! The lace neckline and sheer overskirts add a historical charm and I love the subtle polka dots. The dark red sash is also a nice touch along with her bag and headband, but once again AG has raised the prices… another sigh.

 What are your thoughts on the latest release?



11 thoughts on “American Girl Release August 2014 / Lulu’s Thoughts

  1. the miny dolls are weird, the old ones were more realistic and are dolls want an American girl doll that actually looks like a real one!

    • I agree. The old ones were obviously mini American Girl Dolls, but these stray from the original design. I do still think Kaya’s new doll is cute, though!


  2. How long did it take you to write this post? I agree totally (I mean the stuff I read) with all that you said, the mini dolls freak me out too! And all the outfits for girls are so cute!!! I LOVE Addy’s the most!

  3. Great insights! Thank you for sharing your thoughts about BeForever. I pretty much agree with the exception of Kaya’s girl dress, but that’s because it is something I’d wear if they made it at my size. :)

    Definitely agree about the new mini dolls and that Kaya is one of the cutest.

    LOVE Julie’s egg chair. And you comment about the sunglasses not being the most stylish…that means they are perfect for the 70s. Definitely not the most stylish of decades. :-D What I really think they are missing out on is all the macrame from that time. Belts, purses, key chains, hanging planters, wall hangings, bracelets, etc.

  4. Wow! I actually like how they gave each character a new look! CREEPY… dolls….I think AG should have kept the cloth bodies. The wide foreheads are really strange. I really like some of the new girl outfits!

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