101 Dollmations / 01 (With Birthday Wishes!)


101 DollmationsWelcome to our all new, super cool, totally awesome, and expertly named (if I do say so myself :)) feature! Since I’ve been in an animation mood lately, Bella and I came up with a new series of posts where I will gradually feature 101 doll (AG or other kinds) animators whose videos I adore. See how fun this is? I will post my round-up of four or five animators once a month, along with one of my one videos, and I would love any recommendations you may have. Let’s get started right away, shall we?

Starlight Studios1. Starlight Studios /  I absolutely love these beautiful videos! They’re done with such detail and have meaningful stories that make you want to watch them again and again. The creative uses of light and costumes are an added bonus too. :) I recommend you start out with the Victoria Leonard Chronicles – they’re my personal favorite.

Urban Chicken Studios2) Urban Chicken Studios / First of all, how fun of a channel name is that? Second of all, how funny are these short movies? The stories are so fun and always end with a little humorous twist that I enjoy, especially in my favorite, “Laundry Day…with a Twist.” (See! it’s right there in the name!)

Basilmentos3 ) Basilmentos / This is a very popular AG stop motion channel that was recommended to me by a friend, and I’m so glad I got to see it. The voiceovers are done oh-so well and the actions and stories are so well done that I can’t imagine how much effort must have been put in to them. Be sure to check out “Midsummer Magic”–it’s pretty awesome.

AG Pals4) AG Pals / My last channel to feature tonight is AG Pals–a hilarious and fun mix of short series with plenty of smooth animation and nice voiceovers. I also love the opening titles and logos with their mixes of fonts and images. Definitely watch the “Friend or Foe” miniseries–it got me hooked. :)

And now, as I will in all future 101 Dollmation posts, will bring you an all new Lulu original production…entitled “Dog Days.” Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

One quick thing before I sign off for the night–the 7th and 9th were our dolls Hannah and Grace’s birthdays! We just had to have a photo shoot yesterday to celebrate; check it out and don’t forget to wish these cuties a happy (late!) b-day!

Hannah Hannah and Grace GraceHave a great night!



4 thoughts on “101 Dollmations / 01 (With Birthday Wishes!)

  1. I think this is going to be a fun series of posts! I recently started looking at Basilmentos’ channel, and I really loved watching the one about prom! That was really good! What did you think of it?
    I will have to check out the other channels later, and watch the video on here!!! :)

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  3. you should watch agsssmiles she has two of the most popular series on youtube ((for dolls)) but I have a ton go ag tuber like girloftheyearstudios and agoverseasfan *coughcoughandmecoughcoughn* -But not animation

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