We Review: Felicity, An American Girl Adventure


We Review FelicityFor our next “We Review…” post, Lulu and I decided on an AG movie we both really like: Felicity! The two of us had not watched it in a while, so it was not only a good refresher, it also made for a perfect movie night. Like we did with Isabelle, our movie reviews are formatted as a conversation between us both; this keeps it natural and allows us to hit all of the points we want to discuss! Once you’ve read through our thoughts, feel free to share your opinions below – we can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

L: I really enjoyed watching Felicity’s movie again with you Bella! It was quite fun to go back and watch one of our old favorites.

B: I liked it too! What I enjoyed most about it the first time through was the production details, from the gorgeous dresses to the intricate – and hopefully historical accurate – settings, and this remained true through our recent watching. I adored seeing the girls’ holiday outfits come to life, as I had always admired them when they were available for dolls. What were your thoughts?

L: You’re right – the costumes and settings are so interesting to watch and see; I wish I had snagged one of those ball gowns when the dolls were still available for purchase! The settings really do help the story come alive, and they add to the historical feel of the plot. I absolutely loved the holiday party scene towards the end of the film because of all the details. What was your favorite scene?

B: Oh, I will always like the scene of Felicity’s first lesson with Miss Manderly, but in the heat of summer {when we watched it}, the holiday parts at the end stole the show for me. I never loved Felicity when I was little, but the movie, both then and now, definitely helped me appreciate her story a bit more! How do you think Shailene Woodley did as Felicity?

L: I really enjoyed her performance, and I found that she brought the spunky Felicity Merriman to life wonderfully. There were a few awkward moments with some of the colonial wording, but she and her co-star Katie Henney worked very well together in their scenes… but I could live without those fake giggles (You can play I Spy with them in all the AG movies!).

B: How could you not like the forced laughter, Lulu?! It’s AG’s film trademark! :) Anyhoo, I think it’s fun that AG fans were the first to see Shailene at the start of her career – now she’s starring in films like Divergent! The other actors did a great job with the material as well, and the entire cast seemed to have great chemistry with one another. In other words, unlike their laughs, the friendships and family relationships felt realistic.

L: I agree! Even characters with only a few lines made the plot seem realistic. It also helped me enjoy the story more, even if it contributed to AG’s horse-filled film collection (Felicity is the original horse girl though, so I’m cool with it.). Actually, the horse aspect of the story was very fun to watch, as were the more historical parts (Tea lessons! Ponytail Wigs! Cloaks everywhere!).

B: Haha, I definitely see your point! I could do without a horse-themed storyline, historical or GOTY, for a few years at this point, but it was interesting to see Felicity ride Penny through the field. Do you have any last comments?

L: I thought that a few of the scenes that were supposed to be “exciting” or “adventurous” just ended up feeling a bit over the top, as were some of the characters, but other than that I recommend this movie for all AG lovers!

B: I give my full recommendation too!

Let’s talk, friends! What do you think of the Felicity film? Agree of disagree with our thoughts? Is it your favorite AG movie, or have we yet to review your preference?

Have an awesome week!

Bella and Lulu


7 thoughts on “We Review: Felicity, An American Girl Adventure

    • You’re right! I would say about half of them have gone on to have successful careers {AnnaSophia Robb and Shailene Woodley come to mind the quickest}, but some actresses, like the girl who played Molly, I have heard next to nothing about since the movie release.

      Thank you for your comment! :)

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