Doll Mag Academy / Make a Doll Hopscotch


Make a Doll HopscotchTo kick off Doll Mag Academy, we wanted to share a craft for the most important class of the day: recess! While I haven’t had recess for a few years now, I know classic recess games – such as tag, jump rope, or, as in today’s post, hopscotch – are still perfect for mid-school day fun. While setting up a hopscotch board for your doll is as easy as going outside with a piece of chalk, this portable and multi-colored creation will come in handy as the weather gets colder and the days get shorter. We made our board for darling Lauryce, a 14-inch Hearts 4 Hearts doll, but with the use of your math skills, making bigger or smaller pieces shouldn’t be difficult. Really, isn’t anything better when it’s in bright colors?! :)

Hopscotch MaterialsYOU WILL NEED…

  • A black poster board
  • Felt in a variety of colors {we ended up using eight colors}
  • A ruler
  • A black marker, such as a sharpie
  • A white color pencil {preferred} or a regular pencil
  • Scissors
  • A hot glue gun {not pictured}
  • A craft knife and an adult to help! {not pictured}

Hopscotch Step by Step

  1. Measure and mark a 15-inch by 10-inch rectangle with the white colored pencil on the black poster board.
  2. Have an adult cut it out of the poster board with the craft knife on a safe surface.
  3. Use the ruler and Sharpie to mark a 2.5 inch square on a piece of felt.
  4. Repeat step three to create seven squares, and cut them out.
  5. Freehand an arch shape for the remaining space on the hopscotch board.
  6. Lay your pieces out, and adjust if needed. Glue down with the hot glue gun.

Easy-peasy! Lauryce has had a blast using it, as we’re sure your dolls will too.

Lauryce with Doll Hopscotch

Have a lovely evening!


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