Seminars From Bri / New School Year


Seminars From Bri LogoI hope you’re all enjoying Doll Mag Academy! For my first post of this fun feature, I couldn’t wait to share with you –

Hey, my lovely readers! It’s me, Bri! Get ready for some ultra awesomeness! I will be posting not just one, but TWO times this month! 

I’m posting too.

Yes, but did you change the color of your text just for this month’s feature?

I always write in black.

And I always write in pink… until now! 

Why don’t you just take over already?

Empty Room At the end of last month, I got a letter from Ever After High that said I would be getting a chance to take part in the exchange program between them and Doll Mag Academy! I would get to stay for a month and take part in all kinds of fun classes, and even better – my friends Rubye, Piper, Grace, Cupid, and Sienna all got letters too!

I obviously took up the offer and began planning my dorm room design immediately and requested Piper as a roommate. On the first day, I rushed through the door and threw my arms around Piper. “Pipester! Roomie!” I cried. “Brister!” She replied before looking down at my stylish super suitcase. “How much stuff did you bring!?” 

Decorated Room “Just enough to glam up this room!” I announced, and immediately we got to work. I threw my pillows onto the bed and climbed over them to hang up some posters. After a while of decorating and designing, our sides were ready to be photographed for the room tour!

Bri's Bed“Ta-da!” I announced and showed off my bed. “Here’s my poster, and pillows, blankets, and giant under-the-bed storage space for my suitcase…and it all matches my hair!” 

Piper's Bed“Your turn Pipester!” I exclaimed and swiveled the camera towards her. “Check out her posters and coordinating pillows and outfit – it’s like a magazine shoot.” “Okay?” Piper answered and jumped onto her bed. 

Middle Room And here’s our super awesome bulletin board of awesomeness with the awesome poster on top (It says “Bri Awesome” like “Be Awesome,” do you get it? Huh, huh?). Oh, and there’s Piper’s two bags which somehow fit perfectly under the desk and don’t need a custom-made drawer. 

Ending“Home Sweet Home.” I sighed and smiled. It was going to be a very fun next couple of weeks. 

Alright, next up is my story about Picture Day! My friends and I went out shopping last weekend and were ready for our close-ups. 

Looking Piper“Bri!” Piper called to me through the dorm door, tapping her foot. “We’ll miss our time slots if you don’t hurry up!” “Don’t worry!” I shouted back, I just have to finish my hair–and…done!” 

Bri's Surprise“Can we get going now?” Piper asked just as I jumped out in my brand new picture-day outfit. We had our pictures scheduled to be taken right in the morning, and I had been up bright and early picking out just the right accessories so I would look and feel confident! “You look great!” Piper exclaimed. “And so do you Pipester!” I laughed, linking my arm through hers. 


The Pipester.

We arrived right on time for the photos (see Piper – I told you we would!), and we got in line with my other Ever After High friends, Grace, Sienna, Rubye, and Cupid. Piper was up first and she looked stunning in her red dress!



Rubye was up next–doesn’t she look adorable in her photo? 


Sienna…that’s it.

Sienna hopped in after them; don’t you love how she braided that ribbon into her hair? 

G. Lockes

G. Lockes

I love Grace’s new curls!



Cupid looks oh-so lovely, don’t you agree with me? (It must be true, because it rhymes.) 



And finally – here’s me! Yay!

Have a great rest of your week and stay awesome!

Bri (with help from the Pipester!) 

and Lulu :)


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